4 mo. female Fila (Brazilian Mastiff) seeks forever home (NorCal)

Discussion in 'Mastiff Rescue & Adoption' started by Fiona Smythe, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Fiona Smythe

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    [​IMG]I'm fostering Ophelia, a 4 month old female Fila, who was displaced by the recent wildfires in Napa. She's available for adoption through Rocketdogrescue.com. She's a lovely dog, but we live in San Francisco and have an active household, with people and children coming in and out constantly, and it's not a good long-term situation for her. We would like to see her placed with a loving person or family, preferably someone with plenty of fenced outdoor space and experience with large-breed dogs. She will be fully vaccinated and spayed prior to coming to the lucky person who adopts her. Please contact me or Rocket Dog Rescue for more information. Rocket Dog will be conducting reviews of all applications.

    Here's a description of her:

    Ophelia is a darling 4.5 month old female Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro). Ophelia is a refugee from the Napa fires. She is house trained and very friendly and affectionate with people, including older children, but she’s also quite shy. She sleeps a lot. She loves to play and needs plenty of exercise. She likes other dogs and is very smart. She learned to sit after two or three tries and she’s working hard on her crate training skills.

    Ophelia is going to be a very big girl, probably topping out at over 100 lbs. You will definitely want to attend obedience training with her, and breed experience is a plus.

    ***Important note about her breed and adoption process. Because Ophelia is a Fila Brasilero (Brazilian Mastiff) she will only be adopted to folks with experience with large breed guard dogs. Fila’s docile, gentle and obedient behavior is only reserved for their near and dear ones. In fact, they are known to be very intolerant and aggressive towards strangers. This strong-willed breed does want to please his/her owner IF you are a confident leader who understands how to read and respond properly to canine body language and how to elevate yourself above your dog in the pecking order. ***Ophelia will only be adopted to folks outside the city.

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  2. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    Oh wow, thank you for fostering this Napa fire pup! She is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you find the right home for her.
  3. fila4me

    fila4me Active Member

    Thank you for fostering and sharing her. I am in Va, but have many Fila peeps all over and will share on my FB page.
  4. Dilevan

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    After looking at the adoption application, I found that Ophelia is NOT available for adoption to anyone outside of CA. This seems to be a rule of the particular rescue that she is through. Are you aware of any sort of waiver on that rule, Fiona? If so, I'd love to share her needs.
  5. Nik

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    She is absolutely beautiful. Wish we could take her but we aren't ready for a third dog at this point. For sharing purposes does she have experience with cats or other small animals?
  6. Brian Whitley

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    Hello Fiona, so glad you’ve been able to foster this pup. I like your heart. I’ve completed an application for this beautiful girl and hope things go our way.

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