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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Boxergirl, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Boxergirl

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    The two toys, pig and ball, that you can see in the video are the only noise making toys that have lasted more than fifteen minutes. The ball originally belonged to my granddog, Otis, but a foster dog chewed the edges and we took it away. Ella played with the ball for more than half an hour, using all of her mouth strength, and it still squeaks. The pig is made of latex. She also only gets to play with it under our supervision, but it has yet to show a puncture and still oinks perfectly. The pig you can get just about anywhere. I got ours at Meijer. The ball is a Kong Rambler. It comes with a tennis ball in the middle. I don't allow my dogs to have tennis balls, so that comes out immediately. Unfortunately, the Rambler was discontinued. I was able to find some very reasonably priced at 1800PetSupplies and ordered three of them in the large size. I figured some of you might want to give them a try. There are so few noise making toys that stand up to the abuse our big guys put them through. You can see she's having a lot of fun.

  2. TylerDurden

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    Thanks for sharing. I‘ll give the ball a try. I can definitely confirm what you wrote about the pig. We still have the same one from when he was eight weeks old. By far the best toy when it comes to a combination of durability, price, and entertainment factor.
  3. Smokeycat

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    I think I have had both. I've tried the pig a couple of times and it failed to survive for more than a minute or two each time. That said Kryten's goal with noisy toys is to destroy the noisy part after that he tends to play fairly nicely. I do use the ball as a place to put Jiggers' tennis balls as a way to keep them safe from Kryten, he discovered his muzzle is too wide to fit into the center and get a ball out so he leaves it alone.
  4. Nik

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    omg Ella is having so much fun!!! I will need to hunt these down. We just discovered fluff n tuff toys and they seem to hold up pretty well so long as we dont leave them unsupervised with them for too long.. some of the fluff n tuffs are definitely stronger than others. The squirrel has lasted for months (no squeaker though). The bunny has also lasted months and that one has a squeaker. The crocodile has lasted since November (Diesels bday) without any tears until yesterday. He has finally started to form a tiny hole in its belly but he hasn't broken through yet. To be fair the crocodile has gone through several rounds of tug of war with both dogs and had no damage so that is impressive in and of itself.
  5. Pastor Dave

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    Our Chev and Coal the lab put a hole in the squeaky pig in 5 minutes. The pigs are wonderful when new with a really great "oink", but at our house--they don't last very long.

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