Any brazillian bullmastiff owners?

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by Harlea44, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Hello all. New to this board, having a hard time finding mastiff message boards that are really active. I have a 1 yr old male brazilian bullmastiff. He's my first dog and definately keeps me on my toes. I'm going to peruse the board for topics on cruciate ligament injuries and neutering but any info anyone would like to provide is appreciated! Wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the group. I look forward to hearing from you all and looking at past posts for good info in genernal but especially on training, diet and the above mentioned neutering and knee injury. I'll end by saying I have seen some beautiful dogs on here!!
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    Hi Harley, and welcome!
    My English Mastiff has injured both her cruciate ligaments in both knees....
    I've been working closely with our vet to help my girl heal these injuries.... It's a very long process.... We've also had a lot of set backs.....
    The hardest part was having to " ground" my girl....keep her from running and jumping.... it's not easy to keep such a large breed on bed rest. She is finally after several months.... on the mend....
    If surgery is an option I would have done it that way. I just didn't have the means for a double surgery it would have cost me over$10,000.00
    Next EM I will get pet insurance right away.
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    Neutering..... I've heard it can help with some diseases later on but I just couldn't clip my boys nuts! I would feel so guilty lol. He's a fila mixed with a bull??? Did you adopt? That's a hard ass first dog brother. But im sure you'll fall in love with the fila and never look back :)
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    Welcome! It's hard to find active forums now. Everyone seems to prefer Facebook and I just don't think you can get the same good discussions going on that format. We have quite a few members that have dealt with ACL issues in a variety of ways. Some aren't active anymore, but the posts remain. Hopefully you were able to find something to help.

    Tell us more about your boy. We also really love pictures...
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    Welcome! Lots of info in the archives about both issues. Generally speaking, Mastiffs and other large breed dogs shouldn't be neutered until they are a minimum of 18 months and preferably after the two year mark. Thinking on this is that it allows all the bones to mature and plates to close, but, and I admit this is just my own impression, the hormones that are growing your dog's bones are also growing their brains. I believe they are more mature and less ditzy if you let them grow into adulthood.

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