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  1. ATTS Test close to me (still have to drive 110 miles to get there. Lol) is offered May 6. I am signing my girl up. She is a great dog still working on some things but overall great dog. I would like to know how to prepare for this test. I am currently working with her on walking on different surfaces. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    You can look up the 10 stations that you will be required to work through so you know what your dog will have to deal with. We have been through it a couple times but I don't tend to prepare my dogs for it as I like to get an honest reaction on how they are.
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    Out of curiosity I looked up what it was and found this, very interesting. I have to admit I had a laugh when I thought of going through with Nessa about 4 months ago. But now I go through the mall with her almost every night and gets better all the time. We always have idiots making growling sounds while walking by, or some thug barked last night which made her bark back. But baby carriages, maintenance people, high traffic all good these days and I have to admit coming from her tough youth, I never thought I could snap her out of her original over zealous ways. Hard work pays off. I want to try it also.

    "The test simulates a casual walk through the park or neighborhood where everyday life situations are encountered. During this walk, the dog experiences visual, auditory and tactile stimuli. Neutral, friendly and threatening situations are encountered, calling into play the dog’s ability to distinguish between non-threatening situations and those calling for watchful and protective reactions."
  4. I am now taking my girl to different places trying to get her exposed to many different sounds. I also take her to Home Depot so she can walk on the metal crates they use to stock plants. She is hesitant but getting better. I did the umbrella and she was neutral. The gun shot part is the tricking test. Don’t have guns to see her response. Oh well she is signed up for May 6. Hopefully it will go well.
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    Your mall allows pets? Wow. I've never heard of that.
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    Yes they do, they are Simon outlet malls which are indoor outdoor malls. Just last week I saw this couple bring in some juvenile German Shepherds for socialization, but there are dogs there all the time. Its been a blessing for me every night. I don't find it strange, I think more businesses are realizing that dogs are family and allowing pets inside.

    Other countries in South America, Brazil and Colombia to be specific actually not only allow dogs in, but have indoor dog playgrounds in the malls.
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    Oh, I see. I was amazed that a big indoor mall would allow non service pets. Indoor outdoor is different. Ours closed years ago. I can see how it would be really great for training. If we had one, I would utilize it for sure.
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    Yes Home Depot is another dog friendly place. I need to check if commercial Costco is as well because I am finding myself driving right past when its too hot to leave Nessa in the car. The normal Costco is def a no, way too busy but we have a commercial one for restaurants that has few people and much of the same items.

    Tell us how she does, you have me interested as well. If you fail does it go into any database? The site I found has pass rates for breeds and Presa is almost 100% while Doberman is 78%. Very interesting to say the least. I am going to find out where this is in Florida. My girl doesn't like when the maintence man has a broom, but I am learning how to distract her from making a scene.
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    We have a garden center near us that is BIG, with both indoor and outdoor spaces. They LOVE to see puppies there. I'd take Denna during weekdays when I knew traffic would be light - and we'd hear over the intercom "PUPPY IN THE TULIP AISLE"... and all the employees would come over to see us. :)

    One day at Home Depot, we saw about 4 dogs, a cat and a parrot... all in a 1-hour visit... I'd say most were doing really well. I see the occasional small dog (and owner) behave badly, and I cringe... hoping we don't lose the privilege of the socialization atmosphere.

    I'd guess any place that sells food stuff (like Costco) would be a no-no. But maybe their commercial/business spot is ok... might be a "management decision", too.

    Denna thinks the broom is an AWESOME chew/chase toy... <sigh> she might fail on that test.
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  10. Well big day is coming up. My girl will take her test this Monday. Little nervous cause she was in heat last three weeks unable to take out and train like I normally would. Honestly think she will do ok very good dog around others walks well with me. And is much better walking over things and loud noises. The one phase I’m interested in seeing is her protection or guard instinct when the guy comes out unexpectedly. Well wish us luck. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will keep you posted. Oh did I tell I am driving over 100 miles for this test. The things I do for the betterment of my girl. Lol
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    That is awesome Kenneth. Cant wait to see the results. Also in this past week I found this guy in Ontario Canada that imports working line Presa Canario and imprints them, holds back a few and fully trains them to sell. He finds the working line in Romania not too big and bulky, much smaller sleeker althetic Presa absolutely gorgeous in fact very similar size to my female right at 100.

    Look at the work he did with this one, almost better rear end control than mine. You can see the work is a little sloppy but all mastiff will have that clumsiness imo. I never thought a Presa could get this far advanced. Also he trains them for protection, really great job.
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  12. Steve that is a nice looking dog.
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    You could do firecracker.....ladyfingers simulate gun fire really well.....I use too always have them in my pocket when I was rescue /raise release
  14. Sheila Braund

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    Darn fat fingers..... wasn't done my post.... oh well so today I'm a double poster hog lol.
    To finish my post. I used ladyfingers to discourage coyote attacks after dark for my safety....
    I believe if you had someone else light it from behind something to block the view it would work really well to simulate gunfire

    Good luck!
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  15. I’m little afraid of fire crackers. I have been using video from YouTube gun shots or ballon popping or fire crackers. Will see if it helped. Thank you
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