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    Boerboel- Daisy will be 7 months in 2 weeks. She weighed 95lbs this morning. Her weight gain is at a much slower speed now. Approximately a pound a week although we keep her on the leaner side. She has typical puppy energy and our walks have turn into trots with her pulling the whole way. The long leash recommendation was very helpful. Thank you. The down side for our Boerboel is her allergies. We went from chicken to an all beef no grain diet and that seemed to really do the trick. Unfortunately, she’s back to being itchy. Vet recommended all salmon/fish so we start today. She’s very happy and active otherwise. Very hopeful for the new diet. Her instinct to guard is strong when she is in her own territory. When we are out on leash she is extremely friendly and doesn’t know a stranger. People love her and are excited to meet a Boerboel! Happy Friday to all.

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    Beef and chicken are the 2 most common allergens among dogs, probably because of the way chickens and cattle are raised in the US. Your chances are likely better with free range chicken and grass fed beef. Personally, I rotate between different foods to keep it interesting. I would be bored stiff if I had to eat the same thing every day for the rest of my life, and I don't understand why people recommend that to their dogs. My dog also does better on grain free food so I tend to favor that but include some grain inclusive foods too.
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    Thanks for the response and completely agree with the rotation of food. Once we get her allergy down to a point, we’ll definitely start to introduce her to free range etc. Any thoughts on the “Bully Sticks” to gnaw on? Any suggestions? Our other large dogs never had issues with a rawhide but I’m certain our Boerboel won’t manage with allergies. Thoughts on raw steak bones or chicken legs? Thanks!
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    Daisy is a tall girl!!

    As you're probably aware my boy Syris is 6 months and has diet issues, we are currently trying Canidae Large Breed ALS Turkey and Rice which seems to be doing the trick. Chicken seems to be an issue for Syris. Also going to rotate to TOTW Salmon Puppy.

    Daisy is looking great!

    Heres a recent picture of Syris with Hazel (Ridgeback Big Sister)

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    Gorgeous. Both of them.
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    Cheap rawhide made in China is crap that's coated with harmful chemicals. I would never feed that. I never tried bully sticks, but knowing my dog they won't last. I tried a high quality rawhide "bone" at my local petstore that cost $18 for 2 of them. The store owner said they were good for strong chewers and would last long, but the first one only lasted 15 minutes. Next thing I'm going to try is hooves.

    My holistic vets has lots of experience when it comes to raw feeding. She said only feed raw bones. When they are cooked, they can be dangerous. She avoids beef bones because some of them can be too hard and break teeth, but she favors almost any other bones.
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    Syris is beautiful! Looks
    Syris is looking big and strong! Beautiful pup. Love his coloring! Hazel is a cutie. Thanks for the response on food options. We’ve got Daisy on the salmon now and will definitely mix it up with the turkey next. Reading other threads, I think her itching may also be caused by some outside allergens. Our vet prescribed her with Benadryl so we’ll see if that gives her some relief from the scratching. Happy to hear Syris is doing so well and growing strong. Love the pics!
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    Thanks for the response! We tried the bully sticks (expensive) and Daisy tore through them in no time. Not worth it. I think we may just hold out on the bones etc. until we get her scratching under control. Agree about the cheap rawhide- we bought high quality for our dogs as treats but they don’t last very long either. Keep us posted on how the hooves work out.
  9. I used to give hooves to my two a lot, they love them in the beginning and then lost interest after a few days. One will last Lupo about 3 days, but as I said, their interest wanes, that's when I pick them up and stash them. Problem became when the older (much smaller Italian greyhound) started stealing all the hoofs, and guarding them. Lupo didn't have any food aggression until the greyhound taught him! So now I don't put anything down that they don't finish eating in 1 sitting.

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