Boerboels can be very athletic

Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by DMikeM, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. DMikeM

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    Some people seem to think that all Boerboels (BBs) are huge lumbering or lazy muscle dogs. But a properly bred and raised BB can be very functional and athletic. Some are even doing agility courses and farm ratting competitions.

    Wooden saw horse. That is a 2x4 top she is standing on.
  2. trevordj

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    Heck ya! I (and my working dog club) are amazed how agile my boerboel is. They love to be challenged physically too. You can see the gears turning with excitement when faced with a new task to perform.

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  3. DMikeM

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    Here is video of Odi learning the barrels. He had just jumped up on the top and landed there perfect the first time. Second video is us trying to get him to do it again. never could get it on video.

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  4. trevordj

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    That's super funny! That is exactly how my girl reacts to these physical challenges too. Her little nubbin gets wagging just as fast as she can manage
  5. DMikeM

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    They just want to do it for us or for the challenge.
  6. DennasMom

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    Oh, man, ROFL!!!!

    Love that Odie Does.Not.Give.Up!!! What a trouper!!!
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  7. DMikeM

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    He was very determined.
  8. Hector

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    The only things I didn't like were that the obstacles were very unstable and there was no helper hand for example a person holding onto a harness to help the dog stabilize/balance once on the obstacle or help them if they fell to decrease the chances of injury. Great dogs you have there and I love dogs on obstacles.

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