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Discussion in 'Tibetan Mastiff' started by BeeJay, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member

    I give up, I'm buying a TM pup since every rescue attempt I made was just flat out declined or denied after bonding with the dog. They seem to not care about my TM experience so I looked for a breeder and found one that would help me and also have a written contract if anything happens. Litter would be born first week of December and I'd be able to pick him up around March. I'm planning on having him as my service dog for my PTSD and the sire is a service dog already so hopefully the temperament would be fine.
  2. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    Congrats on finding your future pup. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. Waiting is hard!

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  3. Elana P

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  4. Elana P

    Elana P Active Member

    Hello @BeeJay

    Congratulations on the upcoming puppy.

    What's the story with the Rescues?
    You would think they would want to find experienced homes for their pups (?)

  5. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member

    They said that there's too much foot traffic outside my house because I live by the beach and my yard is too small.
  6. Elana P

    Elana P Active Member

  7. Elana P

    Elana P Active Member


    That's too bad.

    What's wrong with running your pup on the beach?

    So puppy will be coming in the Spring, and we shall be looking forward to baby pictures :).
  8. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member

    Of course. He'll be here by March. I feel bad for that dog because he's stuck there up to now and he's been there since he was 10 months old and now he's 2
  9. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Rescues can be really picky... and have been known to turn down perfect homes for what most of us here think are insane reasons (like having an intact dog in the house [no matter how well trained or socialized], or minimizing vaccinations)...

    Glad you're getting a puppy, though! It is good to have good breeders available for people who need working dogs with known backgrounds. :) Can't wait to see those puppy pictures!! March seems so far away. :(
  10. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member

    I'll probably start posting pics as soon as he gets born on the first week of December lol.

    To be honest, I didn't know that I had Tibetan Mastiff experience till my dad told me that the dog working at our farm when I was young was a TM. We raised each other but I had no idea because of the light gold color that was almost white so I thought we had a very huge pyr
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