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    I believe the only partial solution are laws and enforcement …… as usual responsible folks paying a price for the irresponsible ..……… if the only abandoned dogs we had to deal with were the purebred dogs the problem would be much easier to handle , i'm sure there would be 2/3rds less dogs to deal with ……. to think euthanasia is not a necessary part of the current solution would be naïve …… many of these abandoned dogs have behavioral problems , they're not suitable for anything but the most prepared , willing dog savvy owners ….
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    Outside of this topic to save the dog...I do not agree with statement about 'SHOW breeders injecting another breeds'. The show breeders may be responsible for the temperament change to breed perfectly looking dogs for show and neglecting working abilities. But They do maintain pedigrees, breed champion lines, watch for breed standards etc. Another side are breeders who manufacture dogs for intimidating look, uncontrolled aggression and bigger is better size and they may add another genes to cc.
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    Good to know that the 1 show breeder that told me in 2 generations after putting a great dane in, I would never know the difference. They said it had to be done because everyone wants size, which is false in itself as I want to stay away from size. He must have been just a bad breeder, so thank you and Black shadow for clarifying.

    Any updates on this Corso please?
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    Perhaps the S Koreans got it right with their dog meat restaurants scattered throughout, last I heard was something like 50 of them. Dog lovers still buying Hyundai cars and Samsung phones, imagine that. Rejects claim eating dog is the same as eating cattle. Here I am in a dog forum where some folks believe that euthanasia of innocent dogs is ok.
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    No, Steven. It's not okay. It sucks and not one person here has said otherwise. What in the world does eating dog meat have to do with our unwanted pet population in the states? The video you posted is great and I wish her the best of luck. There are a few sanctuaries here in the states. It's just not a viable option for the sheer number of unwanted animals in the US. If you had ever worked in or volunteered at a shelter for longer than a short time, you'd see that living in a cage with little exercise and socialization changes animals. Many become neurotic and unadoptable. Many of those dogs are the product of poor breeding. Many already have behavior problems that make them difficult to find homes for. Unadoptable dogs are miserable and if they remain then they take a spot away from an adoptable dog. If that sounds terrible ... well, it is. It's awful. But it's a fact. There are worse things than death. For many dogs living in a cage is one of them. Foster homes are better, but contact any rescue and you'll find that there are never enough good foster homes. Rescue runs on donations and volunteers. They can only do so much with the funds available. Most of the volunteers aren't experienced enough to work with dogs with behavior problems, so those homes are few and far between.

    You can continue to view the problem of shelter over crowding and unwanted animals from your limited viewpoint, or you can enter into a constructive discussion where all parties try to come up with solutions. I'll start. One thing that you (generic you) can do is offer your time to a shelter to work with the dogs. All the dogs, not just the problem dogs. You can sponsor a dog that has been in the shelter for a long time, or maybe an old dog that has little chance of being adopted. By sponsor, I mean pay the adoption fee. You can offer to do a leg of a transport to get a dog across the country to their new home. Everyone can make sure to only get their dogs from responsible breeders. Do your research. Don't support backyard breeders and mills. Only support breeders that are also involved in breed rescue in some way - most are. Advocate for responsible dog ownership which, good or bad, includes spaying or neutering for the majority of dog owners. Cut down the number of unwanted puppies and kittens and you cut down the number of animals in a shelter. Advocate for changes in animal laws, because what we have are pretty crappy. That's just a few ideas of what individuals can do. What are your ideas?
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    Why did I bring up Korea? Because that was their sick solution to over crowding of dogs. Now the restaurants steal pets to make dog food quotas, disgusting people eat dogs but it is what it is.

    A huge problem in the states is the hiring of people, when you consistently hire a lazy non creative group of people for a job that requires a thought process with creative solutions, you end up with euthanization as the "easy" option. Why don't I volunteer or even step one foot into a shelter anymore? Because I don't want to even feel the energy of the types of people that can put a needle into an innocent mutt to make room for others. I live my life each and every day finding solutions to big problems which takes a ton of creativity, I work daily with others that do the same.

    This current process is a nightmare that has become "normal" so its reached its peak, the hiring will continue the way it is as the top level is already gone( the mindset of the kill has to be done). This is a problem with the entire system today. Did you know that in order to become a regular homicide detective most departments will only hire those that were police first. Just imagine by doing that how many cases go unsolved where if they hired strong creatives outside the unsolved rates would diminish. The same goes for hiring of fed employees, one must be a lawyer or a CPA to become an agent, just imagine the lack of creativity when they do that. So what happens is the tough work gets done by very expensive contract agencies.

    This is what happens today in the dog world. You have your Hope for Paws in the states doing massive amounts of rescues, using households all over the states for foster and being creative in not only the rescue but the process. You have the woman in tangier who has a battle not only monetarily but culturally, and she put her mind to it and now she has 400 dogs on a large piece of land. Hope for paws had a money issue, and worked on it and teamed up with Marshmellow to solve the money problem. Not that hard for non lazys.

    The problem with shelters are the lack of care, and problem solving for the dogs. They hire the no empathy people to go along to get along, this is why it will never change. No thanks, I will keep my energy far away from those lazy black hearted people on the inside. I will keep donating to the types like Hope for Paws where you see results. A dogs unluckiest day is to end up in the hands of a kill shelter where the mindset is trained to discard the unwanteds using nonsense like nuerological disorders or they've been in the cage too long. All this is is misery from being unlucky from day one.
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    I'm not sure why I keep trying. Probably OCD, lol. Okay. There are plenty of rescues and sanctuaries in the US that are doing their utmost to get unwanted animals into homes. They can't really come close to making a dent in the numbers of animals in need of homes. Statistics show that 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year. Dogs ARE going to go into shelters. If they didn't then they'd just be on the street, suffering and dying. Until people stop breeding indiscriminately and we get the stray, intact, population under control it's simply a fact that we need shelters. If you can't see that then you're just being stubbornly obtuse. Place the blame where it belongs - with irresponsible owners.
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    Steven , cultures that eat dogs have done so for centuries , it's not a stray dog solution for them ……… as far as my thought on it , I believe dogs should have higher place than that , but many of those cultures have little to no respect for human life let alone a dogs …….. man and dogs have a unique relationship, we have evolved along side each other for possibly 50 centuries …….. I don't believe you will find a culture that is more humane to it's dogs than the United States ………. certainly not Morrocco ……….
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    Since consensus wanted to turn the west into the 3rd world with open borders and has done so. So far healthcare is gone, education is gone, the language will be gone soon and a whole slew of other first world things we had will be gone. So why not identify the biggest enemy being the kill shelters and abolish them. Allow the dogs to run the streets just like the 3rd world and this will spark a bunch of new REAL rescues. A 3 dog per year home should not be considered a rescue. I believe that people work better under pressure. Those that cry about funding should just close as they are part of the problem. The rescues will have many sources of funding available fast and easy as 80% of the old population actually loves dogs and will donate, will foster and will go along with the issue. Kill shelters create a lazy mindset and none of this will ever get done while they are open. Worried about who is going to spay for free? There are plenty of clinics now that do spaying almost free or even free along with vaccinations. Hospitals in the 3rd world are dumps, clinics is where everyone goes and as soon as single payer healthcare gets passed this will be the case here also.

    I believe that the death from starvation, getting hit by cars, and all other unfortunate reasons will be tiny in comparison to the murder rates at these kill shelters.

    Then identify the second enemy of the pets being the population that buys compulsively or the type of people that leave there dogs behind like those in Paradise in the recent fires. It is sickening that they are allowing these burnt animals to reunite with folks that left them to burn to death. There needs to be some type of test or history established for dog ownership (not licensing since that is just a money scam). Then the list goes on working on the next problem being breeders.

    The problem is not that complex, some group think could figure this out in a week. But unfortunately the money involved with scam kill shelters, lobbyists, PETA and alike this will never happen.
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    You truly believe that this is a solution to the homeless pet problem? I guess I have nothing more to say then. I want to, but I'm not going to.
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    It certainly isn't word for word as I didn't spend much time on it, but the concept would beat the hell out of the current kill situation. These shelters need to go away. They are only there to line the pockets of the corrupt who are unable to make money any other way. The people have been groomed to accept the killing of unwanted innocent pets as a solution.
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    I'm not sure where you read that I said Morocco was any good to animals or anything. Perhaps you assumed because we bought a remote home in the mountains 30 minutes from Spain that we thought that Morocco was good with animals but its not so. What I did, was post a video on a woman that went outside of her culture with a little creativity and now has a 400 plus dog sanctuary. She had no money and accomplished all of that. Proves our problem is a lazy one built on excuses after excuses.

    I know what goes on in Asia as well as most other cultures with humans and pets unfortunately. I would like to add though, that the west is not very far at this time from becoming the same kingdom as the rest, I believe far worse. Kingdoms are more profitable and have less accountability.
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    I seriously can't believe you think allowing the dogs to run the streets like in third world countries is a good idea. Do you have any idea what would happen to the disease rate? We've largely eradicated the spread of rabies in dogs. Rabies causes the death of tens of thousands of people in third world countries every year and stray dogs are the main source of infection. The statistics from the World Health Organization show that. Distemper has been on the rise in many areas. Do you realize that many of the diseases would also be zoonotic? What you are proposing would guarantee suffering for the very animals you propose to care about. Great suffering. If you truly believe what you've written then I think that makes you the monster, not the shelter workers. As for the woman that started the sanctuary ... I admire her greatly. She's doing a good thing. 400+ animals is not anywhere near the 3.3 MILLION dogs (even more cats, I think it's 3.6 million for them) that are unwanted/homeless and go into shelters each year. You want to allow 7 MILLION animals to roam the streets freely. Procreating, dying, spreading disease, and suffering. And you profess to love dogs.

    BTW, can you please explain what you mean by "A 3 dog per year home should not be considered a rescue."
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    What happening here is that you are not forecasting. I said that if we let them in the streets the private rescues would skyrocket, perhaps creative rescues like Hope for Paws and thousands of those popping up would end the street issue in early on and many would die, but frankly I would rather they have the ability to hide in the woods than to allow some sicko to needle them. You have to forecast and understand that this could never happen while corrupt kill shelters are open.

    In order to make real change it will take hardcore issues. But perhaps you are right, now this probably wont work as it would have before 08. Now the west is at the point of no return. If you think diseased dogs will be a problem, you definitely haven't forecasted what the problem will be with a hundred million new people from real murderous cheap life countries. The reason dogs are diseased in those countries is not because they are loose, its because in those countries people don't give a damn, are dirty as hell with garbage and rats everywhere.

    Our countries people would not allow it go as far as diseased dogs like the 3rd world. It would force rapid privatization of a corrupt killing of innocent dogs.

    3 dogs per year should not be considered a rescue for funding. It should be considered one of the many fosters that would become with no funding. In order to understand this idea that ive written, you really have to understand what its like in the 3rd world first hand. I will always be a monster to save the dogs, so thank you for the compliment.

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