Cane Corso was it a puppy playing?

Discussion in 'Dogs in the News' started by Steven C, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    This was a lucky Cane Corso as most articles I read they go for the kill shots today. This one seemed to be only scared off with a grazed shot to the foot. My guess is that if it was serious it would have grabbed that dog immediately and not barked at them. Sounds like maybe puppy play to me and the off duty shooter knew it.
  2. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    Glad the CC wasn't killed.
  3. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Again, not enough information to say. Good for the officer for showing restraint. This could have had a sad ending.

    I do, however, have very strong feelings about things like this. The dog should never have been allowed to run out of the garage and accost someone walking by the house. If a dog is not under complete voice control then it should not be unrestrained where it can get to a public area. A dog of any breed. I find small dogs just a guilty as big dogs. The sidewalk belongs to the public and everyone should feel safe to walk there. Responsible ownership would have stopped this from happening. It also doesn't matter if the dog was just playing or not. I'm pretty sure that the Cocker Spaniel didn't see it that way.
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  4. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    I don't know. I have mixed feelings on this.

    I agree with a lot of what Boxergirl is saying.

    Cane Corsos can bluff and show fear aggression just like any other breed. Just because a dog is barking and growling at you on its own yard or even if it comes on to the sidewalk....the truth is it may be a bluff or warning . Or it could be an attack. Or anything in between.

    Its hard to expect regular pet owners to be able to stay calm in those situations and not over react. Or to be able to tell the difference between fear agression bluffing, poor mannered play, and a serious dog.

    This hits close to home because they just recently with in the past few years put sidewalks on my street. With at least 5 brand new home developments. I have about 2.5 acres and good distance between me and my neighbors. Now people use the side walk all day everyday. I hate it.
    I use to let my dogs run my property freely. Now I have to put them on leads just in case.

    The owner has to be more responsible no matter what. You cant leave a gladiator looking type dog unsupervised around people for a second. People think they are up to no good just by the look of them.
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  5. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    I agree, It would not even phase me to take out a dog that was attacking any of my dogs while mine is restrained.

    My friend living in Medellin moved there with a lab mix and takes his dog everywhere, one thing about SA is they are very dog friendly. They have dog areas in malls, shopping centers and dogs are welcome in almost any venue. In Brazil and Argentina I have seen some of the finest bred dogs also. One day he was visiting a friend and his dog was walking with him and a PB came running across the street and grabbed his dog by the throat and he could not break them up basically watching his dog take his last breath, suddenly the PB girl family member comes running across the street and jumps on top of the PB and it releases the Lab mix. Thankfully the lab mix lived. Now also after a home invasion where they actually grabbed the dog and told him if he didn't pay they would kill it right then and kill him after, ever since my friend walks around always with weapons now.
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  6. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    I hear you on the sidewalk thing, its horrible whats going on these days. The wife and I a couple years back checked out a city in the Midwest where we thought the suburbs would be different then Orlando, or what happened to Long Island. We soon after found that they just started building suburbs into cities as they need to eliminate rural type living. So we decided that it wouldn't matter anywhere in the states as its only a matter of time before the smaller pockets become the same.

    It forces all of us to be responsible CC owners, it also makes life harder sometimes having to deal with extra new types of training.
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  7. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    Exactly. I thought my street was safe from it. Where I lived used to be considered out in the country. Then out of nowhere it became one of the fastest growing Suburbs in the country. Now it is a legit suburb they cram houses in everywhere they can.
    Then the freaking Mayor built a house a few houses down from us and boom all these developments popped up and here comes sidewalks.

    They did build a super nice trail deep into the woods that leads into a nice park. My female CC just loves it. We run it daily. So i guess it does benefit me and my dogs some.
    But I just dont like the added risk.
    My male hates the sidewalks. He is constantly trying to patrol them. He still feels its part of our property.

    There were 2 other Cane Corsos that lived on my street in the new houses. One died. One moved I think. But neither owner seemed too friendly.
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  8. Zeela

    Zeela Well-Known Member

    I guess what one of my biggest concerns is this topic. Even though Zeela is very gentle, she looks intimidating as you all know with your dogs. That is why it is so important to me to keep her close to me when out and that she is trained to listen to my commands (she is doing great). I have been bitten by the neighbors small little dog who basically attacked my leg. I told her to control your dog. As an owner you are responsible for your dog's actions. This past weekend we went to the dog park, she loves it there, anyway, a little French bulldog was aggressive and was trying to bite her and the owner was no where to be found, now if it wasn't for my training her and being the interceptor, it could of turned out bad & because mine is so much bigger...who would they blame? I've only had my CC for almost 7 months and she is extremely friendly, so I am wondering if it is the mistreatment of the breed (not a good owner!!!) that makes them unfriendly and not so much the breed?
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  9. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    I agree with this. One thing that may have also escalated the situation was the fact that the little dog was picked up. If the CC was not aggressive and just a poorly trained dog wanting to play, picking the cocker up changed it from a possible playmate into a toy. I had this problem when Jiggers was young. It took a lot of training for him to learn that an animal in the air wasn't an interactive squeak toy. His play drive is so high that this will always be something that gets worked on just so that I'm comfortable when we approach a panicky small dog owner.
    I can understand why the guy picked his dog up and without knowing more it isn't possible to know if it was the right decision or not.
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  10. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    We are in a very rural area. Used to be nothing but pastures surrounding us. In fact there is a horse pasture right across the street. Well, they started selling the pasture land and building cookie cutter houses. Also built a new high school not far from here. So now our tiny road that barely fits one car is completely congested in the mornings and evenings. It's used as a cut through road. Well, yesterday I was working the yard and I heard someone slam on the brakes right in front of my house. The man jumped out of the truck and I started getting a bit nervous. It's in the evening and traffic is crazy! Little skinny teen jumps out of a car behind him. They both get in my driveway. Traffic zipping around them. And the grown man says. " Did you just f***king flip me off ?" to skinny teen. So they start talking crap back and forth. Big guy says, " I'm a MMA fighter!" So I'm thinking should I get involved in this? Neither one was backing down, so I stepped forward and said," Come on guys. It's not worth it." I looked at big guy and said, " You know you will go to jail if you hit him". He looks at skinny teen and says, " your lucky your a teen!" Gets back in the truck and leaves. Skinny teen is bouncing around sayin," Yeah you better leave!" I said," that guy would've kicked your ass!" Get out of my driveway and leave. Skinny teen says," Yes ma'am" Lol....

    It could have been worse. And I think about how bad it could have went with a 175 lb Central Asian Shepherd who thought I was in danger. We are moving!
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  11. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    Yeah. Lol. I would of just stayed out of it and grabbed some popcorn. Lol. Thats a crazy story. See no place is safe.
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  12. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    I really wanted to stay out of it, but it went on for a while. Big guy would go to get back in his truck, and skinny teen would follow him taunting him. He even threw out the, 'my dads a cop', card. Which pissed Big guy off more. The kid probably deserved to get his butt kicked. I could tell that being men neither one of them wanted to back down. So I said it to them real nice. I figured it would make the Big guy come to his senses, which it did... My husband was kind of pissed at me. He said I bet you didn't even have your gun on you! It's a little hard to rake with a 9mm. But I get why he was upset. You never know with people. And your right no where is safe! Ready to get my puppy!!!
  13. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    Yeah raking leaves at your home during school letting out traffic shouldn't require you to be
    I agree with you that does seem a bit excessive...hahahahaha
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  14. katiedancepants

    katiedancepants New Member

    Well, could have been worse, right? At least it was just a foot and the dog gets to live.

    I agree that the dog should have been controlled. You can't have these kinds of dogs running loose (you shouldn't have any dog uncontrolled, but we all know what happens with the big guys...).
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