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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by lovemyconan, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. lovemyconan

    lovemyconan New Member

    Hey everyone, i am new to this forum and to the Cane Corso world! I just brought home my cane corso puppy who is now 13 weeks old last week. We just got his ears cropped and i was wondering if there was anything we should pay attention to or any special care that anyone has done that has worked for them in the past. I am following vets orders with the neosporin as well as some iodine 3x a day. He hates the cone but seems to be doing ok, he has shown some discomfort but nothing to severe! Any tips and comments will be appreciated!
  2. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    Welcome aboard. Would love to see pics of your baby.

    Someone should be along soon to help you with the cropping.
  3. kong

    kong New Member

    Had my corso ears done put neo on them and that was it. Vet did not give me anything to help them stand up.I tried a few things but Kong kept knocking them out.I gave up but his ears stand up and look great to me!
    I suppose the vet didn't give me anything because he must of known I didn't need it.
  4. lovemyconan

    lovemyconan New Member

    ok, thank you!Just wanted to be sure there was nothing else that would help the healing process as I would like for him to be out of this cone as soon as possible! :)
  5. cane

    cane Member

    How does he act with the cone off? The cone scarred my dobermans left ear. NO cone on my Corso ever. She didnt mess with her ears at all. Cone is only needed if dog wont let there ears alone other wise its unneeded. What kind of stitches did vet use? Can you post pic with no cone on of ears?
  6. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    We use the cones because we often have more than one that has the ears done and having them tearing stitches out was not high on my list of things to do. After the stitches came out we gave them a good bath to get all the gunk that can accumulate because of the cone gone and then rubbed them ears with lotion whenever we were watching TV or had time to increase the blood flow to help them stand more quickly. It might not be needed but we do it just to help them out some.
  7. kong

    kong New Member

    Kong , my 18 month BIG BABY

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  8. lovemyconan

    lovemyconan New Member

    I'm not sure what type of stitches were used...they were done by breeders vet so we are just following directions. He's much happier when we give him a break from the cone but he does scratch at times and we have to then put the cone back on unfortunately.

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  9. lovemyconan

    lovemyconan New Member

    I'm not sure why picture comes out sideways and am
    New to this so am unsure how to fix but I tried! :)
  10. jersey girl

    jersey girl New Member

    Kong is handsome, love the second shot. What breeder is he from?
  11. NeSaxena

    NeSaxena New Member

    Oh your baby is so cute! Can't help with the cropping part, though, sawwy!
  12. fdchampion

    fdchampion New Member

    OMG...that Baby is adorable!!
  13. Luckshire

    Luckshire New Member

    Rub those ears! Rub, rub, rub. I was at a dog show last weekend and saw Corsos with foldy ears. Not pretty.

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