Crystal 8 Month Old Fila Brasileiro looking for forever home (SF, California)

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    Crystal (shown here with her sister Gisele) is an 8 month old Fila Brasileiro puppies. She’s lovely, sweet, devoted, emotional, gentle (and mischievous!). She’s a little bit on the shy side at first when meeting new people, but warms up as soon as she gets to know you (as is common for the breed). While she definitely has puppy-like characteristics, she’s very steady and centered. She is well-mannered by nature, is crate-trained and seems to be fully housebroken. However- in true puppy fashion, she’s not opposed to sneaking off with one of your favorite shoes every now and again.

    Please read about the breed before applying. You could never hope to have a better friend in your whole life than a Fila Brasiliero, but they are a strong breed that can become protective as they mature, and might not be the right fit for everyone. Having said that, Crystal has a very gentle personality by nature, and isn’t showing those traits. She’s also much smaller than a normal fila might be… and has the prettiest eyes and shiniest coat in the whole world.(PB)

    If you are interested in meeting Crystal, please contact Lara Loveman at 904 307 6346 or You can also fill out our adoption form at

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    She is beautiful. I hope she gets scooped up by the perfect home soon. :)
    You may want to mention where you are located in case someone is looking. :-D
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    Gosh, she is beautiful. Hopefully she finds her forever home quickly!

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