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    This is my Neo Delilah. We consider her our rescue puppy, she is 5 months old, weighs 66# and is gaining about .5# per day. When we got her at 8 weeks old she had sarcoptic mange and her skin was infected. She gave the mange to all of us and the other dogs in the house. She was on antibiotics for 3 months for one reason or another and has suffered from loose stool, not watery, more like cow pies. We have put her on probiotics and that has helped a lot. As you can see she loves the water, which leads to my question...Grooming. I have read that it's ok to bath every couple or three months, and brush daily/weekly, I have read some breeds of dogs should not be bathed often, that the oils their skin produces actually protect their sensitive skin, is the Neo one of these breeds? Delilah loves the water, and has enjoyed getting her bath every week since we got her, I would have for her to get out of the habit and have to fight her to bathe her.

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    Hi and welcome! I bathe my neo every 2-3 months and brush him almost every other day. He tends to get dry, flaky skin if I bathe him more often. I've also added coconut oil and salmon oil into his diet to keep his skin and coat healthy. But I don't know if Delilah's past mange means bathing more often because of a possible higher susceptibility to bacterial infections or mites?
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    We bathe her because she likes it and she used to get dandruff when she had Sarcoptic mange. If it not contraindicated to bathe that often, we'll keep an eye out and see if her skin starts to dry out.
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    What a cutie pie!! That nearly submerged mastiff pic is hilarious!

    I bathe when I think he's due for a bath like gross feeling fur or if he's got poop on him OR rolled in a pile of cat poop. That means I bathe about 3x a year. I don't brush him as often as I should. My go to brushes are zoom groom and a boar/horse brush. Start counter conditioning ear cleaning, eye cleaning, tooth exams, tooth brushing, mouth exams, toenail clipping, butt prodding, etc. LOL.
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    Just make sure to dry her off well, especially in between any rolls or wrinkles. Those areas are prone to bacterial or yeast infections when moisture gets trapped in there.

    She will really appreciate those baths and swims when summer rolls around and gets really hot!
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    I think the impact of bathing can also depend on the shampoo you use. I bathe my dogs every two weeks or so, my Dane has environmental sensitivities and his stomach turns bright red if not bathes at least that often. I mostly use Chubbs bars or other shampoo formulated for dogs with sensitive skin and he has very soft fur and no dandruff. I usually bathe my Doberman at the same time and haven't seen any adverse effects from frequent bathing.
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    As long as you're using a high quality, gentle shampoo formulated just for dogs you shouldn't have a problem. When I was showing my Newfys , they were bathed at least once a week, sometimes more often. I used Biogroom as my every day shampoo. It was very gentle, didn't sting their eyes, left a pleasant smell and rinsed out completely. That's important, soap left on their coats will irritate their skin and lead to sores.
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    Thanks for the replies, I'll look into a soap gentle soap just for dogs, we've been using baby shampoo.

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