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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by DennasMom, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Hector

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    I think she looks really good in the second video. The twisty leg doesn't show up if the dog is going at non walking pace. Don't know if you call that trotting or pacing.

    In the first video at countdown 16-17 seconds you can see the whole right leg twisty. I noticed Hector gets that twisty leg when I think his leg is getting tired due to his back. I always thought his legs/knees were going to go bad because of that, but I really think because he's getting tired/sore. So if the bad knee is healed, then it would start to balance the body weight better wouldn't it, thus keeping the other knee from going bad?
  2. Nik

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    I also noticed the right leg looking odd in yesterday's video. But, today's video looks fantastic. It seems like when she slows down there might be a teensy limp but it's really hard to tell in the latest video.

    I was just catching up on all you have been through with her with the therapy and such. The laser therapy you mentioned in some of the posts sounds a lot like what our dog chiropractor did with Cerberus when he was still with us. He did some massage, some physical adjustments and then he put these pads on him which he referred to as "light" therapy. And watching the process you could tell Cerberus just loved that part and he was always walking much easier after. I was so impressed I once asked him if he would use them on me (I have scoliosis and lots of back pain) and he laughed and said he didn't do any work with humans just dogs but that he had tried it on himself once and that it did feel really good afterwards. I was always jealous of Cerberus' sessions with him but oh so happy that he was able to relieve his pain and put a stop to the seizures and other issues we had dealt with before finding him. I've actually thought more than once of bringing Diesel and Kahlua to him for preventative care. But, I'm not sure it works that way. lol

    Anyhow your whole journey has been amazing and I am so happy she is doing so well. :)
  3. DennasMom

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    HA! The second video is ONE YEAR AGO... that's when it was "bad enough" to go see the vet... apparently all this 'healing' we've been doing over the last year has just made it worse. :(
    ...actually... I think we've kept it from getting really bad (i.e. full tear)... and hopefully are still improving from her lowest point (after not-catching a squirrel back in May).

    We do try and keep the pace slow enough that she walks somewhat balanced, so the good knee doesn't get over-worked and start to go bad. I'm not sure how successful we've been at that - especially based on your observations of the 'twisty' leg thing.

    We have a little home laser now that we inherited from my DH's grandma. I don't think it's as good as the one the vet uses, but I'm hoping it has some benefit. I've used it on my elbow (tennis elbow), but I'm not sure I can feel a difference.
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  4. Hector

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    It probably wouldn't hurt to do the laser sessions at the vets. I heard for the first 6 or 7? sessions, it has to be done in a certain pattern. First sessions are like mon wed fri and the second is like something 2x a week and then so on. After that you can do maintenance 1x a month deal. I got quoted about $400 for the initial sessions and $60 for maintenance and it takes like 5 mins each session. I was going to do that for Hector's elbows if he didn't stop limping as I was not going to do surgery.
  5. Nik

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    I think you probably have the right idea here. Who knows how much worse it would have gotten if you hadn't done all that work. That is awesome that you have a laser at home to try to help. I would imagine it would have some benefit.

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