Do any Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders breed for working titles or temperament certs?

Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by bellemastiff, May 29, 2012.

  1. bellemastiff

    bellemastiff New Member

    So, I am currently in the research phase around getting a second dog. Was originally set on a working GSD but am now also considering a second EM (one with more 'working lines') or possibly a Neo as well. I started a similar thread in the english mastiff forum,

    I am trying to track down Neo breeders, that actually breed for temperament or working ability. Of course, they all claim they do, but the problem is, in every case I'm come across, the Neo breeder doesn't have anything 'objective' to back up the claim that they're breeding for temperament or working ability.

    As far as my perspective -- I'm thinking of GSD breeders in Germany, who only breed dogs and bitches who pass a Schutzhund test for temperament, obedience and working ability. The ability to work is thus PROVEN in the genetics (as much as it can be by a test -- admittedly no test is perfect).

    By contrast the standards in the mastiff world (Neo, english mastiff, and otherwise) seem laughably low. I have gone through the first 15 or so Neo breeders that pop up in Google and can't find a single one with dogs or bitches with any certificate, title, or anything (aside from showing).

    Please note, I am not looking for breeders who breed neo's that have passed SchH3 or something crazy like that! I am looking for some minimal standard in terms of a test, title or cert that suggests the neo being bred is not a nervous wreck (either fearful, or fearful-aggressive, or just plain aggressive), and that suggests the neo has a temperament and ability to do ANY kind of work.

    Pretty much any non-show title would qualify in my mind ... E.g., TT, CGC, CD, CDX, TDI. Even if you believe a TDI cert implies the Neo is overly friendly, at least it means he has sound nerves. Would also be interested in anyone breeding neo's with a cert in PSA or any of the protection sports. Or any utility or drafting title/cert.

    If anyone thinks I am way offbase with this stuff, let me know. I realize a Neo is not a lab and it's not the type of dog you get to do Rally-O. I'm just sick to death of mastiff breed breeders who don't know what they're doing and who are breeding dogs just for show and/or are breeding dogs with un-sound temperaments (fearful or too aggressive). A neo pup runs $2k or even $3k and there are plenty of neo's with good nerves -- as well as nervous wrecks and overly aggressive neo's. For $3k you shouldn't have to roll the dice, IMO. These mastiff breeds deserve better. The lack of standards in terms of breeding for working ability, is almost driving me into a different breed family altogether (GSD).

    I haven't lost hope completely though. I did find 5 EM breeders that are at least , somewhat, breeding for temperament or working ability (with proven tests and certs). Can anyone recommend a Neo breeder like this? Let's get a list going... even if it just is a list of 1 breeder... please help!
  2. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member she breeds show dogs that are the original temp they are very capable and are what a Neo should be and more in a show dogs body....they are very good dogs

    Tapd on my skyrocket
  3. grazefull1

    grazefull1 New Member

    your rite she has good looking neo i have to tell some of my pals about her
  4. Kelly

    Kelly Active Member

    Looking at the pictures of her dogs, is it just me, or do they look like they are starving?!?
  5. bellemastiff

    bellemastiff New Member

    Thanks Tiger,

    The breeder's site certainly says all the right things -- they work in agility and personal protection.

    Do you happen to know if they pursue any tests, titles or certs for these activities? I don't want to come off as distrustful, it is just better if there is some kind of verification / objective testing when it comes to working ability...
  6. Jeri

    Jeri Member

    I went to the site. All of the dogs look pretty good with the exception of the one male. He looks too thin to me. But then, I'm no expert.
  7. bellemastiff

    bellemastiff New Member

    Found one! breeder of 'performance neapolitan mastiffs'

    Two neo's in the program have CGC certs. Apparently they are also training some neo's for SchH and PSA as well as other work.

    Only trouble is, I can't find any evidence on the site that they are still breeding dogs in 2012. Still, it's a start.
  8. Kelly

    Kelly Active Member

    wow Belle those are amazing looking dogs!!!
  9. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    Idk if she goes for certs or not and that site you posted has some nice looking dogs

    Tapd on my skyrocket
  10. grazefull1

    grazefull1 New Member

    i most agree the neo here look like working class but is she still breeding?
  11. masteneo

    masteneo New Member

    Holy smoke , found the dogs i want! bookmarked. thats some finass working neos they have!
  12. thinger44

    thinger44 New Member

    Contact me at, I can direct you to true Italian working structure bred working Mastini if you're interested here in the states.
  13. thinger44

    thinger44 New Member

    PS didn't notice where you were located, this breeder is with in 100 mi. from you, she has a video clip of one of her males flat foot jumping a 4ft fence like it wasn't there.
  14. Mastini Mayhem

    Mastini Mayhem New Member

    Hello from Mastini Mayhem. I compete in personal protection, nose work, just started doing dock diving and back to drag work. Hoping to start weight pulling with one of my bitches soon. Dogs who are worked and used in competition are generally kept light, keeping extra weight on them makes it not only harder on their joints but (just like humans) can effect their stamina. Also have completed cgc's and tdi's as well. ;) Bosco piracy4.jpg

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