English Mastiff puppy weights

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  1. LauraJ

    LauraJ New Member

    My new baby Achilles just got his 6 week shots today and he's 11.2 pounds so far. Cutest little pup I ever did see aside from Max... he's almost 11 months and 105 pounds :D When I brought Max home at 9 weeks he was 12.4 pounds.
  2. Enzos Dad

    Enzos Dad New Member

    Enzos 5 Month birthday was today and he is 74 pounds came along way from the sick little puppy that weighed 6 pounds when i got him.
  3. Stoopy

    Stoopy New Member

    Murphy (14 weeks old) was 50 pounds at the vet last week. He is steadly gaining 5 pounds a week. Its funny how their bodies grow. One week there legs get longer the next week his head almost doubles in size then his body gets longer the next week.
  4. JoeTheGreek

    JoeTheGreek New Member

    my bull/english mix is about 10 weeks old and she is just shy of 30.
  5. chris410

    chris410 New Member

    Well, Lilu surprised me! Exactly 4 months old and 50 lbs, guess the growth speeds up and down?
  6. Disney

    Disney New Member

    My boy, Torque was 33# at 4 mo. 70# at 7mo and now 81# at 8 months. He is filling out very fast, but he still doesn't eat very much. He regulates himself and rarely empties the bowl before we add more food. He's very lean and athletic still. He runs like a dang shepard!! You'd never know he was a "lazy" breed by watching him run 1000000mph acorss the yard.

    Looking forward to him breaking the 100# mark!
  7. Lorri monster

    Lorri monster New Member

    I'm not sure on a pup of that age, but my casher's was 22lbs at 11 weeks old... Now at 3.5, he's about 180..
  8. chris410

    chris410 New Member

    Why not...Lilu is 6 months and 1 day and I weighed her in at 87lbs! Solid as a rock and still a sweetheart!
  9. Arkitek

    Arkitek New Member

    Zeus at 5 1/2 months today weighed in at 60lbs ...small for his age but he's healthy so Im happy
  10. Bantu

    Bantu Banned

    Somehow I don't believe as it sounds as if you wish he was bigger. I had an em once that had the hershey squirts for 2 months straight, but once he started dropping firm bombs again his weight accelerated quickly!
  11. GavTheMighty

    GavTheMighty New Member

    Mine had the runs for 2 weeks almost from day 1 that we got him so took him to vets got everything checked out and everything done that was needed worming etc, he was a little under weight now his stool is perfect and he has been piling on the pounds so I will be getting him weighed tomorrow funny enough to find out how he is doing at around 11 weeks. I have no idea really what a good weight for him should be after all he is a cross even if it is two mastiffs in him.......English and Neapolitan. Will keep you updated and let you know tomorrow what his weight comes in as.
  12. JennQ

    JennQ New Member

    Gunner, is a rescue and is a mixed Mastiff breed.. is mommy is a Cane Corso/Neopoltan Mastiff cross and dad was a Mastiff of some breed possibly crossed with a rottie. I have no idea what his ideal weight should be at 5.5 months old, at 5 months (a couple weeks ago) I weighed him in at around 60lbs. His leg bones are very thick, and he is very long, but he does not seem overly tall, but then again I see him everyday and when I run into people that have not seen him in a week or so they can't get over how much he grew! Maybe i do not see it as much because I am with him every day! I was walking him the other day and someone asked me, among a million other standard questions, How big will he get? I had no idea what to answer because I have no clue..lol.. then the person said that if you take the puppy's weight at 6months and double it that is a good indication of how big he/she will be full grown. Not sure if there is any truth to that, thoughts?

    For me it is more about making sure that he is a healthy weight, not too underweight but also not overweight; however, it is hard to know what breed standard to go by for a general guideline!
  13. GavTheMighty

    GavTheMighty New Member

    I can understand this one lol. Very difficult to tell what weight and height etc my cross will be.............I mean for example there are very few true breeders of nebolish mastiff as they are known in the world and the lady I got mine from certainly isn't one of them. At the end of the day she is just someone that has a Bitch Neapolitan which got knocked up by her friends English Mastiff. I examined the pups they all looked gorgeous and healthy so I took the risk. I wanted a mastiff and loved almost all variations I was of course looking at the pure breeds but when I saw the advert for these pups I couldnt help myself I read good thing about the mix of these two mastiffs how a lot of health issues are resolved when you mix the two and how they are more athletic etc just a lot of plus points to me but we each have our thing. I did also see one pup that was an English Mastiff X Greatdane and she was so gorgeous I almost went to get her.

    The other issue at hand of course is that not only do you only have rought guidelines when you have a cross and not purebreed but you might end up in a situation like me where I am pretty convinced he isnt a straight mix of English Mastiff and Neapolitan I saw his brothers and sisters and I could swear I saw pups that looked very much like they had some German Shepperd in them.

    Anyway all you can do it take what information you have and use some common sense, I got back from the vets today and the pup is healthy now after a few initial problems and stool problems he is now putting all the weight on and is happy and bouncy. I actually put down the weight and height on these forums although I did the height wrong he is actually 15" at the shoulder and has just today turned 11 weeks old so he is fairly big the weight might be a little under at 21.6 pounds but then as I said he had issues and has piled on weight this week alone since sorting out all the niggles.

    So long as my pup is healthy and growing as he should I am not worried if he is huge or small just want the health to be right based on the mix he is supposed to be he should roughly be around 150 pounds as an adult again that doesnt factor in the possibility of any other breed in his line that I don't know about but hey ho. So far he acts, looks and is around the height and weight of a nebolish mastiff so all is good in the world. :)
  14. northernmastiff

    northernmastiff New Member

    Gav, I saw a Neo and EM cross about a month ago. He was beautiful with a sleek, black/blue coat that was definitely a Neo coat and he had legs flecked with gray so it was almost like a dappling effect you would see on a horse (http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-dappled-horse-image6487840). His head looked like a Rottie's head and overall, he looked like an oversized Rottie with the wrong coloring. I am 5'5 and his shoulders came to my hips so he was between 30 to 34 inches (just an estimate) and he was wide. Huge head, huge chest and huge bags to clean up after him ;) and he was still quite young, only about a year old. Neos are not that small so with both the Neo and the EM, you can expect a good size. My friend's Neo is about 119 and she is a small girl. The dog (his name was Godzilla) had the temperament of a young EM and the gait of a Neo. Not sure if that helps you at all but I would simply take the weights of the mom and the dad and then average it somewhere in the middle as a good estimate for size. It will at least give you something to go by.
  15. GavTheMighty

    GavTheMighty New Member

    Well to clarify Marley's mum was actually Neapolitan X English Mastiff and his Dad was Purebreed English Mastiff so if thats all 100% accurate he is actually mostly EM Mastiff with a splash of Neo. :)
  16. Reneeeee16

    Reneeeee16 New Member

    My em mom was 180 and dad was 160. My pup went to the vet last week at 8 weeks was 14.5 pounds.
  17. CowboyBebop

    CowboyBebop New Member

    I don't know if it helps but my BM was 21lbs at 8 weeks. If you think they are under fed look at their ribs and look to see if you can see their hip bones.
  18. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Kryten my EM puppy weighed in at 12.5 lbs this morning at 12 weeks old. According to most charts I have been able to find this puts him in the small size however his breeder told me he is likely going to get to around 240 lbs. so puppy size may not be a good indicator of dog size.
  19. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    I don't know why it says 12.5 lbs he is 29.5 lbs
  20. ozman

    ozman New Member

    Hoss weighed 20 lbs at 6 weeks and is now 60 at 14 weeks. Not fat, just big!

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