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Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by scorning, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. scorning

    scorning Active Member

    Just submitted Finn's application for his intermediate trick dog title. I've been doing the trick dog stuff with both of my dogs, and they both love it. It has been a great way to keep them busy in bad weather. I've includes some videos of Finn doing some tricks, hoping to get the advanced and maybe expert titles on both dogs this year.

    finn - backup: [video=youtube;7nNjf8Nr4C0][/video]

    finn - easy button: [video=youtube;nzdzO3zRZ94][/video]
  2. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Awesome, wish you posted the intermed vid.
  3. scorning

    scorning Active Member

    For his ITD, we did half intermediate tricks and half advanced. Here are some of his intermediate tricks:

    tug/sit pretty:[video=youtube;nTV5X2yC2kI][/video]


    go to mat:[video=youtube;cHTRgjQ355U][/video]

    finn and hannah tunnels:[video=youtube;A1y5yV4rgcA][/video]
  4. tmricciuto

    tmricciuto New Member

    Finn is fantastic. So smart and handsome.
  5. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Your dogs give me goosebumps. They're so sleek and athletic. Gorgeous crops too. Nice work, Finn! Please feel free to post many more photos and videos of your two.
  6. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Nice work!
  7. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    I have a question about back up. Backing up for Hector means turning in a circle and then walking away from me, does that count?
  8. scorning

    scorning Active Member

    Thanks everyone! Hannah is a foster fail, and a senior, I've only had her for about two years. I think she looks pretty good for a dog with a heart condition and being around 11, but I can't take much credit, she pretty much came to me looking that way. Finn is pretty much just awesome, although definitely a teenager. Definitely the most energetic Dane I've owned, but he was raised with a Doberman and I think he thinks he is one.Backup is one of the hardest things I've taught them, neither of them could get it with luring, so we had to shape it. Or more accurately, I shaped Hannah, then Finn watched Hannah and offered the behavior as well. Same thing with the easy button, he loves to copy her!
  9. JamieHalverson

    JamieHalverson Active Member

    I love it! And Titan so just gorgeous! Is that through "Do More With Your Dog"? I was just looking at the requirements and think I might try it out. We can do that stuff in the house while we are waiting for warmer weather to do more parkour...
  10. scorning

    scorning Active Member

    It is with Do More With Your Dog, we joined one of the free Sparks groups on Facebook. We did the Discover Pet Training group for Novice and Intermediate, and the Take A Chance group for Advanced. I think I like the instructional videos for the Take A Chance group better, so might recommend checking those out if interested.
  11. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    I like the Take a Chance Facebook groups too. I used them for Rhaegar's Intermediate and Advanced. Still working on Expert - it's tough!

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