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Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by TylerDurden, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know if there is a bigger version of the gentle leader? I believe gentle leader is really the name of the trademark, rather than a general product description, so anything that works similarly would be helpful, as well. The current one has worked pretty well for us, but is getting a little tight. Ironically, the Mastiff in the picture looks exactly like Bane, but it‘s just getting too small.

    Second question: does anybody use a second leash hooked to the collar in addition? We have never needed it, but it seems to be an additional safety measure.

  2. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm going to suggest you take a look at the Perfect Pace from Bold Lead Designs. It worked better for me, with my short snouted breeds, than any other head harness. It also has the extra clip that attaches to the collar, which I like. I'd have sent you mine to try except I'm pretty sure my daughter took it when she moved with Otis. I'll take a look around today, but I'm almost positive I don't have it anymore. I'm also going to highly recommend Bold Lead Designs as a company. I've been very pleased with their products, customer service, and I love that they're a US small business. (Not so small anymore, yay them!)

    I always have a second leash no matter what tool I'm using. Harness, collar, etc. I use a waist leash. Bold Lead Designs also makes some spectacular multi-function leads and you can also customize. I like the 8 way lead, the Atlas lead, and the double ended lead. They aren't inexpensive, but if you keep the leather properly conditioned they last the lifetime of the dog and beyond. At least they have for me.
  3. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    It's too late to edit, but I wanted to add that if you contact Katrina at BLD with any concerns about sizing, they're very good about answering and I'm sure they'd work with you for a good fit. I know I'm being an advertisement, but when you receive excellent customer service and excellent products I think it should be shared.

    Just another thought. If this particular head harness isn't to your liking, I'd also suggest you take a look at the Balance Harness and the Perfect Fit harness. The Perfect Fit is a modular harness and you order each piece based on your dog's measurements. You can find them both at Clean Run.
  4. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the awesome recommendation. I‘m definitely willing to try it! Bane doesn‘t really pull, but control on a harness or regular collar could be challenging in extreme situations.
    The one they are showing in the video has the leash integrated (all one piece). Would the size even matter that much? To my understanding, the bigger the dog‘s head, the shorter the leash? He‘ll definitely need the largest one, but I may reach out to confirm based on his measurements.
  5. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    It's really adjustable. I bought mine quite a few years ago when they first introduced it and it was just the head harness itself. One of the reasons I suggested trying it is because of it's adjustability. It fit my smallest boxer comfortably as well as Ella.

    For anyone reading ... head harnesses aren't, imo, for every dog. Injury can happen if used on a very reactive dog. It's a good tool, just like many others, just be sure it's the right one for your dog.
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  6. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    That‘s good news. Thanks for confirming. We‘ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for adding your statement on how it might not work for every dog. I totally agree. We have never used it as a training or correction tool, but as a management tool ( if that makes sense). In other words, we didn‘t start introducing it until he was pretty good on any collar or harness. At this point, I‘m not even certain if we would truly need it, but it helps, especially to maintain focus when walking through crowds etc. I‘m not saying it can‘t be used as a training tool, but I would be careful. Also for those interested in the CGC, this is not a tool they allow during the exam.
  7. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    Sorry for being late with my review. The product is on back order right now. Their CS team let me know that the products are custom made, so I‘ll let you all know how it goes once I receive it.
  8. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    I would be careful with that lead, Ridgeside K9 ended up with an English Mastiff that attacked someone and think one of the reasons was the so called Gentle leader, something about the way it wraps around the head or wherever it wraps. Might not be a good idea for such a large dog. Probably better off with an e collar set to tone or light vibration. Just this week it happened, they didn't get into detail on the bite or anything.
  9. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Caution needs to be exercised with any tool. There are different head harnesses and they are not appropriate for every dog. And you should never, imo, rely on a head harnesses, prong, or any tool by itself if you have an issue with control. I don't think anyone should use an ecollar with out someone to train them to use it properly. Unless it's a vibrate or sound only collar. Heck, I feel that way about a prong. Too many people use them incorrectly and to punish rather than to communicate.
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