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Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by lovemygypsy, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. lovemygypsy

    lovemygypsy New Member

    Hi, I'm Paige, new to the forum but not new to Filas.

    We have two children 9yrs and almost 8yrs old. We're currently pleased to belong to a 14yr old pit mix and an 8yr old Dogo Argentino, a 6yr old Gypsy Vanner gelding and are expecting a Fila in the coming months from a responsible breeder.

    Very excited to get to know everyone and enjoy the opportunity to share with other Fila families!

    Please introduce yourself and share pics of your beautiful Filas (and honorary Filas ;p )


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  2. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Can't wait for pics! Can you share which breeder if you don't mind?
  3. lovemygypsy

    lovemygypsy New Member

    Thanks! I found it extremely difficult to find a breeder that I was happy with, despite keeping my eyes open the past decade at North American breeders.

    I've decided to go with De la Luna in California. She actually had OFA and PennHIP certs to show me for dam and sire. (both parents were imported and are out of El Siledín kennel).

    So far I am extremely happy. She seems to know her stuff and is very easy to communicate with. I'm a former Animal Cruelty Investigator and worked in an ER and Specialty Vet Clinic for years and have pretty high standards after owning and seeing just poorly bred dogs.

    My current Dogo has had 3 joint surgeries (we adopted her from our local Humane Society when she was 1.5yrs). We suspect she was from a closeby puppy mill and then sold online at a different location to her previous owners.

    I believe that breeding should only be done in an attempt to better the breed and too many breeders out there aren't checking their Filas for joints. Please share if you do know other responsible Fila breeders that do get OFA and PennHIP certs. We really should be promoting healthier dogs rather than breeding on medical nightmares.

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  4. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    I have heard of de la luna. I looked at Carioca a couple of years after I got Hector. I decided against another fila at this time and I didn't like how she produced a lot of puppies and also the fact that bloat seems very high in this breed and the fact I am just not ready to commit to the amount of training it is going to take at this time.
  5. fila4me

    fila4me Active Member

    Hi, I really like DE LA Luna . My next will be from Blue Lagoon , she does hip and elbow ofa and backs up her pups. They have true temp and she produces some amazing pups . But that will be a long time coming , my girls are only 4 and 7.
    I am a 22+year Fila owner and also got my 1st 2 Dogos in 1993, love the breed too. Both of my Fila breeders no longer breed,
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  6. lovemygypsy

    lovemygypsy New Member

    Oh nice! It's nice to hear that more than one breeder is trying to carefully plan litters with health screening the parents. It doesn't necessarily mean all of the pups will get all the awesome genes, but I think it can help keep the odds of healthy pups higher!

    Your girls are gorgeous by the way! I am very excited to be getting back into Filas. My current girls (mix and dogo) are lovely...but would let anyone in the house lol. It'll be nice to have a pup in the house again keeping an eye on the perimeter, especially when I'm at the barn

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