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    Im from the UK, we dont get to do so much shooting over here :(. Not been down to the range in a few years now. Without a license the most you can get is an air rifle. Shotguns are our last remaining vestige of the right to bear arms (once the symbol of a free man). Everything else in the way of fire arms you have to prove a good cause to own and a legitimate place to use it (target shooting is allowed but then ammo types are restricted). But a shotgun, the police have to have a legitimate reason to turn you down for a license for.

    That said once you have suitable shooting permission site for bunnies you can get your license and choose a "british" AR-15 and no further hassles or restrictions about an effective moderator or 30 round plus magazines. Once Ive moved house I will get myself a properly installed gun cabinet and get a full license...
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    EverythingEnglishMastiff - Responding to your post from the shoe thread. I actually don't know enough about guns to know if it was semi or fully automatic. It was same size as the revolver I was using. Both guns belonged to a friend. I definitely wasn't using the recoil or anything to reload as I was shooting about as slow as you could possibly shoot, taking my time since I don't know anything about it. The owner said something about the age of the gun and stuff bending or warping or something probably contributing to the issues I was having with it. Basically I was having to treat it like the revolver in resetting everything almost every time except it actually took longer than just using the revolver. So I don't see much point to an automatic if you can't even rely on it to work as an automatic. Plus it was louder and jumpier and the whole shells being spit out thing. Just didn't care for it at all.

  3. Without getting technical and confusing. The difference between semi-auto and a fully automatic weapon is a semi auto will only fire 1 round every time you pull the trigger. If you pull the trigger an hold it on a semi auto, it will only fire once, when you release the trigger, it will "reset" and allow you to pull it again to fire another single round.

    A fully automatic weapon, while being illegal in many places and/or requiring special licensing/permits, will fire multiple rounds, for as long as the trigger is held down. When you pull the trigger and don't let go, it keeps sending lead down range.

    Both either use the recoil of the weapon to load a new round into the chamber or they use the gases created by the ignited gunpowder and convert it into physical energy required to reload the weapon also referred to as direct gas impingement or mechanical impingement.

    Say you were shooting something like this: 0000000085068.jpg
    This weapon uses recoil (the backward pressure of the gasses used to drive the projectile, or bullet, out of the barrel) to drive the slide back and a spring to push it forward thereby ejecting the spent casing and loading a fresh round into the chamber. While shooting a gun like this, if there isn't enough pressure from the palm of your hand (supported by your shooting stance and grip) The slide will not be able to operate properly. The entire gun will move (also known as muzzle flip and "kick") rather than allowing the slide to operate properly.

    The advantage to a gun like the semi-auto over a revolver type, is in the reloading and the mechanical moving parts. The semi-auto handguns are more complex (moving parts wise) than a revolver. The semi-auto also uses a magazine to hold the bullets as opposed to loading them into the "cylinder" of the revolver. This makes it easier/faster to reload your gun and also allows you to carry extra magazines.

    Please note there is a difference between a magazine and a clip (referenced in a video I recently posted of a grossly misinformed politician).

    As to the "loudness" of them being fired. That has no effect when comparing revolver to semi-auto pistols. The main determining factor there would be caliber (the actual circumference of the bullet or the diameter of the barrel the bullet travels through). The sound is created by the gunpowder rapidly burning, creating gases to propel the projectile, and what you hear is the gases actually escaping the barrel. The higher the caliber, the bigger the projectile, the more powder that's required to propel it out of the barrel.

    I'm sure you've seen a silencer used by an assassin in the movies. Those work by changing and slowing down the way that the actual gasses are allowed to exit the barrel. Even those are illegal in some places and/or require special permits to purchase/own.

    Let me know if this helped clear a little confusion if any. Also please feel free to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have about firearms here. I'd be happy to answer questions or discuss this with you, as I'm sure also will others.

    My firearms experience started when I was just a child and has been reinforced by my father who is a retired police officer. I also enjoy shooting sports and hunting. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon which requires a certain amount of class time to even acquire (in my state).
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    Just screwing around with some B&W photography :)


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    I was reminded yesterday why not everyone should be allowed to have a gun.We loaded up our arsenal and ammo and our targets etc and had a 3 vehicle convoy out to a suitable shooting location in the desert.As we turned onto a large well graded and maintained dirt road here were a couple of guys sighting in their rifles.On the flicking road, target in the middle of the road, right down the road!!Are you fucking kidding me??!!These ass hats couldn't have ever had I a hunters safety course.This is how accidents happen, this is why the non shooting public is afraid of us and now we are all crazy and dangerous!!We did mention in passing that this was a poor choice of shooting spots!
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    Good news and bad news.First the good.The AR I put together for my wife was awesome!!Everything worked perfectly and everyone loved it, I'm going to replace the A2 birdcage flash hider with a muzzle break which will make it even more pleasurable to shoot.Now the bad news.My 1943 M1 carbine broke, looks like a piece of the chamber broke off and stuck in the bolt, I pulled it out and taped it to the stock, I'm afraid it will be the end of that historic carbines life unless im able to find an original barreled action for it, I don't want a reproduction barreled action.
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    Holy ****! Unfortunately you can't fix stupid :scared2:

    Awesome on the AR! Sorry to hear about the M1 - no doubt the old girl has seen a lot of use, best of luck in finding an origional replacement!
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    Yes it was definitely a semi-auto then! :) It could be that it just seemed louder due to the fact that it jumped more and therefore scared me more. The revolver was so much nicer in every way for me. And I was a much better aim with it but I think that was purely psychological. :)
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    A good set of noise a felling ear muffs helps a lot.You can hear everything people are saying but it muffles out the loud bang of the gunshot.
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    My friend let me use some of those too. I'm just especially sensitive to loud noises. lol
  11. You can also try those cheap squishy ear plugs in conjunction with the ear muffs. My dad is actually suffering hearing loss in his right ear from shooting even though he always wore 1 form of hearing protection. I'm suffering hearing loss in both from shooting without/inadequate(used to use cigarette butts for earplugs) hearing protection. I also worked about 3 feet from two different types of compressors in an enclosed space for about 8 years with no protection. DDSK you are absolutely right, numbskulls like those folks shooting straight down the road give our hobby/sport/way of life a bad wrap. I'm glad you mentioned in passing it was a bad idea. I prob would have been slightly confrontational tbh. Possibly even going as far as videoing what was happening and calling the law, just depends on my mood lol.
  12. Sucks about the M1! Hopefully you find what you need without to much trouble. I'm right with you on the repop parts.
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    A lot of cool threads I'm finding on this Mastiff forum! Definitely have an interest in firearms, although my collection is pretty limited at the moment! At this time I own an EAA Tanfoglio 9mm and a Springfield XD-S Single Stack .45ACP(3.3 version). Was in the military for six years as airborne infantry so I've experienced some various firearms with during that time and a few time's from shooting other people's collection. Besides that experience my knowledge is pretty limited overall, especially with handguns, but since getting out I've been actively learning and participating more, with hopes to expand my collection(with hopes to add an AR platform next or five seven series). Love the photo with the Sig, Cobalt! Glad to see a lot of interests are shared among this dog breed forum. Here is a funny picture of myself this past Halloween(OCT2015) with my XD-S. The costume I bought was for a female and labeled "Sexy Army Girl". It is a dress lol. (the gun was not taken with me once we went out!)[​IMG]
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    Gun newbie I got my first hand gun for Valentine's Day Bersa Thunder 380 I love her!

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    VinnysMom, looks nice! Read a quick review on it and it seems great! Do you CC carry with it? How does it shoot? I've yet to shoot a .380 but seems like it would be a fun caliber to take to the range and shoot for target and various drills!
  16. .380's are fun! Cheaper on the ammo too than taking the .45 to the range. I have and XDs too. It was one the ones included in the recall. Had it sent in even though I had never had a problem and 1k rounds later i still haven't. It's my EDC.

    Love the photo! You totally look P.H.A.T. :lolbangtable:
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    I've gained a little weight =( The XD-S is really nice from what I've experienced so far, it's my EDC as well. It was on the lower end price range for what I was looking for but looking back it was the sensible choice rather than paying a great amount more for qualities that would go to waste. In the near time future for my next handgun I'm going to decide between a five seven or a nice 1911. Looking to get an AR first though.
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    Ugh, I can't upload photos ....

    But I got to play with a new sako lapua last weekend. Loved it
  19. I have a palmetto state lower I need to build out. I just been running into things that are more financially pressing than building my first ar-15. Kimber makes some nice 1911 style carry guns. My biggest complaint with 1911's is the size/weight of them for edc. No doubt there are some uber nice ones out there. Dan Wesson being one the best IMO.
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    I have a 1911 they are great guns. Right now I'm obsessed with our sniper rifles.

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