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    Might as well introduce myself first and then I'll introduce my "babies".
    I'm a 26 English woman who loves her rescues. I have owned and re-homed a few dogs over the past few years but my first and long standing "baby" is Benson (Benny) a gorgeous (now) 7yr old boxer staff cross. I have recently aquired a female cane corso presa canario cross (roughly 2/3yrs) caled Lola. She is booked in with my vet's tomorrow for an initial check up etc but I strongly suspect she is pregnant and we might have to continue the pregnancy.
    I'm considering keeping Lola rather than re-homing her. But I'm wondering if a forum like this might be able to point me in the right direction with regards to re-homing the pup's (if she is pregnant).
    Lola is the largest dog I've had yet and I am already fully aware of risks with these kinds of breeds, especially when they are a cross-breed. So although I am confident that I can have Lola as a perfect companion, I'm rather concerned about what could happen to the puppies down the line.
    I'm not saying these cross-breeds are aggressive blah blah blah I'm saying all large breeds have the potential, every dog I have owned and re-homed has been abused in some way (previously too me) so this is a concerning factor in all re-homes as well as the abhorrent c**** who fight dog's.

    I understand I might have dropped on a forum in a different country but you never know :)

    I only want to do what's best for the dog's that I aquire. I do a lot of therapy and trust work with them as well as nursing back to full health and teaching obedience. I only ever re-home when I feel the dog is ready or they go to someone more experienced/more suitable environment.

    If anyone can give me any advice on how to go about re-homing (I do have to ask a cost as this dog will require a lot of long term treatment due to injuries/deformations (will know more tomorrow) to her back right leg and spine) and spading is an obvious only option for the future.
    More than the cost's I need help with appropriate home's, home's that can be trusted, home's that can handle a large mixed breed dog.

    And I will welcome any and all information and tips on how to treat her conditions (preferred homeopathic remedies (massage,diet,exercise, natural painkillers and suppliaments) plus just any info that will help with training etc.
    Basically anything your willing to give me
    :) :) :)
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    Hi and welcome, a big thankyou for helping this girl in need.
    Im in the uk and have helped and rehomed many of these large breeds. Yes youve got to be very careful especially right now on rehoming and im here if you need my help. Where abouts are you in the uk

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