How large is your female EM?

Discussion in 'English Mastiff' started by Redirish86, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Redirish86

    Redirish86 New Member

    I see quite a variance.. Some 190-200 some as low as 140.. What height is typical I keep seeing 30" but I see a variety... Anyone with a girl care to share? Thanks!
  2. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    Last time I weighed Mystic was 5 months ago and she was 119.4 at 10 months old.
  3. Slinger-girl

    Slinger-girl New Member

    Selah my older girl is built like a tank, many people think she is pushing 200, she is not, she weighs in at 165 pounds at age 4 1/2 she is 29 inches tall. Her daughter Lovey (walking in the snow) weighs 145 at 19 mos. she is just shy of 30 inches.

    I think a lot of people guess weights. To me, more important than weight is structural balance, does the dog look good at the weight it is, is it proportional?

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  4. Redirish86

    Redirish86 New Member

    I agree! I've just noticed some breeders aim for heavier (in my opinion traditional) mastiffs and others a more scoobydoo lanky look... It's interesting to see...
  5. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest New Member

    Some people (i) aim for heavy and achieve fat, (ii) have no idea how to measure the height of their dogs and WAY over-estimate their height.

    Jade is a solid 29.5" in height and weighs about 180 in show condition. The US standard for Mastiffs says bitches should be 27" at the withers, minimum.
  6. Dale

    Dale New Member

    The person above my post looks to me to have bigger females and I love that she said that they did not weigh 200 lbs. so many people with the mastiff breed exaggerate what there dog really weighs. For sure breeders, I have seen so many people say there male weighed 250 and then go to see it and it was around 185-190. From all the females I have seen I would think most without putting them on a scale are around 140-155. I am not saying that there are not 200 lb females out there but I can assure you that they are not common place . Also you can make a taco dog weigh 20 lbs but that does not mean that the dog really has the frame to really carry that kind of weight around and the people are just over feeding the dog to make it weigh more.
  7. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Slinger-girl - I think your girl is what my DH was expecting and hoping for when we got a Mastiff... but we got a lanky Denna, instead. :) She still may fill out, so we'll see where she ends up...

    Denna's 2 years old, and just under 150 lbs and ~29.5in (yet to be level-verified).

    RedIrish - there's more posts on height/weight here: Honest Heights Weights - Mastiff Forum
    ...includes all mastiffs, girls and boys, but some good posts, anyway.
  8. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    Selah and Lovey are gorgeous!
  9. Redirish86

    Redirish86 New Member

    Thanks :) it's nice to see !
  10. Slinger-girl

    Slinger-girl New Member

    Thank you for your kind words. I too have gone to take a look at some "really large" dogs and their weight was no where near what was stated and many times if is was, it was due to being obese. Now I have seen some nice boys and girls that did pack some weight and were not obese by any means.

    Selah has two sons over 200lbs both are in top shape and not fat, one is 205 the other is 215. Both of these boys would be waaay overweight if they reached 225-235.
  11. Redirish86

    Redirish86 New Member

    So from what I'm seeing females average 160..29/30" males 180-200 31/32" with a few bigger some smaller :) ? I've been watching the Cruft shows and notice the males are bulkier but the height difference isn't huge..
  12. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    Duchess is a scrawny, runty tea cup EM at 97 lbs at her last weight 26" at the shoulder.
  13. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest New Member

    Redirish86 ... I would suggest that female pups out of WELL BRED parents will be (typically) 26-29" at maturity and 150-190 lbs (assuming no trauma, or a poor diet, that would have otherwise slowed them down. Male pups out of WELL BRED parents would be (typically) 28-32" at maturity and 170-210 lbs (with the same assumptions). Male and female pups out of POORLY BRED parents will typically be smaller (height and weight, but more likely weight than height).
  14. Sadies Mom

    Sadies Mom New Member

    I have not checked Sadies highth in a long time. She was 134.6 lbs on Friday and 140.8 lbs a month ago. She is 2 years old, has a vast collection of health issues and spayed too early........
  15. Redirish86

    Redirish86 New Member

    Aww I'm sorry to hear that Sadie's mom... I'm assuming she's the pup in the photo, she looks awfully adorable!
  16. Sadies Mom

    Sadies Mom New Member

    Yep, that is 12 weeks:eek:
  17. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    Daisy is 167, have no idea about her height. We have had to cut back her kibble a smidge as I think 165 is the max she should be based on the way she looks. She was getting bonus kibble finishing the bowls for the little dogs when they left leftovers. :)
    Edit to add she is 2.5 years old.
  18. casMahn

    casMahn New Member

    Nessie is around 130, last time I weighed her, she was 122. And she is harder to lift now. No idea on height.
  19. mcleodcon

    mcleodcon Member

    Izzy is 118lbs. She has been sitting at this for a couple months (I think since 10 months) and she will be a year on March 31.
  20. Dakota Kid

    Dakota Kid Member

    Dakota is 137 lbs, around 29" and is 2.5 yrs old. I haven't measured her height recently and probably did it wrong last time, but is a rough estimate. She does need to lose a few pounds (i.e. 15) but is a bit difficult while she is recovering from knee surgery and this never ending winter.

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