How many Neo or Neo mixes do we have here?

Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by NeoBull, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    What drew you to the breed? What do you love about them? What would you change?

    I'd love to learn more about them from people with experience... other that what I've read and experienced with my Neo/Bullmastiff mix (still a pup) I don't have much experience with them. I was hoping to meet some and talk to their owners/breeders/handlers/etc at the dog show this weekend but there aren't any showing :(

    Also, pics please!
  2. GavTheMighty

    GavTheMighty New Member

    Drew me to the breed well in truth I was looking at all mastiff's and I kept going back to English, Cane Corso and Neapolitan so when I saw an advert for an English X Neapolitan mastiff I couldn't resist the main picture of the pups being shown was of Marley himself and as soon as contact was made I asked specificlly did they have the pup used in their main picture which they did woot. Went to see him and he was even more handsome up close so took him home with me. :)

    What do I love well he is 5 months on monday and thus far I love how gentle he is, how happy he is to meet people and dogs or even how soft he is with my cats. How he always plays softer with smaller dogs than the bigger dogs especially my mini puppy Hercules.

    I love the fact that he is such a lap dog always wants to be next to you, I love the fact that I already walk him everywhere off the lead and that he will recall for me and never goes more than 20 feet from me, the only exception being any dog within 20 feet he deems close enough that he will go say hello even if I don't want him to lol. He is also excellent on the lead and walls next to me, I guess I am just impressed on the whole for a dog that is only now coming up to 5 months old on monday. I am no trainer and I make as many mistakes as Marley does I try to read and absorb everything I can to make my life and Marley's a better one and correct mistakes either of us might be making so overall I couldnt be more happy.

    Change? hmmm well not a lot really I can draw some of the more annoying habits such as the slobbery drool when he drinks, especially the fact that I think he drinks as much as there is rather than as much as he needs. The kisses he lavishes upon me even when I don't want them lol (Damn wife did that I told her to stop with the whole give me a kiss Marley thing but nooooooooooooooooooo)

    He does not like the crate at all I tried the whole treats/praise/toys thing with the crate but he hates being seperated from us and he will act destructive or even pee in the crate. Still working on the greeting other dogs thing he loves to meet and greet but getting him to understand it's not acceptable to drag me towards them is another thing. :) And I guess lastly and this is nothing new from what I gather about most people with a mastiff he can be a stubborn dog he is very intelligent and fully understands most things I say but doesnt always choose to follow a command if he can get away with it.
  3. dmouse66

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    I was given Raistlin (EM/Neo) as a gift from my neighbor. Before I accepted him I did a ton of research on the mastiff breeds ( I had a few weeks before he was weaned to decide). I let my neighbor decide which pup knowing my family as he does. He gave me the 'pick of the litter' male & reverse brindle with his mother's white neo markings and I couldnt be happier! I fell in love at first sight! He is now 10 months old. He can be VERY stubborn and at times VERY drooly and if a leaf blows by I get taken along for the chase unwillingly. His positives are he is the most loyal & loving pet I have ever owned. Even though he MUST chase a blowing leaf, he will 'leave it' with the deer & occassional fox passing through the yard. There are a few dominance issues from time to time but easy to overcome.
  4. Dogue

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    Neos are great dogs. However, make sure you have pet insurance for your Neo. Many Neos suffer from a laundary list of congenital defects due to an emphasis on excessive wrinkles, size, gait, etc. It's unfortunate that the Mastinari (neo breeders) have moved from the traditional Mastini, which looks nothing like the Neos you see at the dog show. Aside from that, they're great dogs. They are very affectionate and protective. They can become jealous at times and will try to dominate you. Don't let them dominate you and be consistent everyday. I suggest read as much as you can. Neos are not like other molossers. Some say Neos are "unstable" because they give no warning when they bite. Not true! Neos communicate in their body language. For example, if your Neo feels you are being threatened they will put their heads down or lean sideways and then lunge and bite. With my Neo rescue, I would recognize these behaviors and snap him out of it with a tug or say it's okay. If I didn't, he would attack if he felt there was a threat. Neos are also not barkers. They will bark but it's generally after they're within feet of a stranger approaching the fence. Mine would run first to the edge of the fence then bark at a stranger. If you di purchase a Neo try to find a breeder that emphasizes function (traditional Mastini) rather aesthetic. They're out there. Good luck!
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  5. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    I'm not too worried about the extra skin, as Branka is half Bullmastiff and looks a lot like the old style functional Neos. I'm hoping to get fairly lucky with joints, since my vet (a reputable Bullmastiff breeder) says she has great conformation and since we're feeding for slow growth.

    I had read that Neither Neos nor Bullmastiffs were barkers, Branka sure is... Maybe she just learned it from our Doberman? lol

    So far we haven't had any issues with dominance or aggression and she's been getting along great with all of the people and dogs she's met.

    If I ever did buy a pure Neo I would definitely go for the working/old style. I'm honestly not attracted to the overly wrinkled type Neos (no offence to those that have that look) :)
  6. LadyD

    LadyD New Member

    My dog 'Crush' is a Neo/Boxer mix. He has the best of both breeds! He's very handsome... black with white chest and feet and a little white blaze on his muzzle. He's playful and fun like a boxer, but protective and gentle like a mastiff. His littermates were brindles and he has a splash of copper on his right shoulder. It's very pretty in the sunlight splashed on his jet black coat. His father is the old type Neo, not so wrinkled and drooly. Crush only drools when there's food that he wants, so no puddles of drool... he's a neat dog. He's extremely intelligent! He just knows things. My husband and I are always amazed at how much this dog understands and how obedient he is. After 30 years of owning Dobies, and knowing how smart they can be, this guy has it all over them in the smarts department! We've spent lots of time with our Dobies over the years training them in basic obedience and off leash commands. Crush has a total of a few hours, and he heals off leash, comes even when he doesn't want to, everytime he's called, sits, lays down, goes away, looks for 'birdies' in the barn, and we just never actually 'trained' with him to do those things. He just understands and gets it. I've never owned a dog this intelligent. Ever! My only regret is that I didn't bring his sister home with him. I was tempted, but didn't. She was so, so sweet, but I wanted a male. I wish I had another dog of this mix! It's an absolute PERFECT blend! Crush keeps all critters out of the corral and off of our property. No squirrel, bird or stray cat (ours is allowed to stay) is allowed to be on our property! He patrols the boarder of our property, and barks at anyone coming up to the house. He will allow those people that he knows to come into the back yard since we have people that ride our horses, and help clean up the barn. He likes other dogs, children, women and then lastly, men.... in that order. He loves water, loves to swim, has no fear of waves or jumping into the lake and swimming after swans and ducks. When he was a young dog, he'd chase our horses, grab their tails and 'fly' in the air handing onto their tails as they ran around the corral. As he got older and heavier, he now weighs around 120 lbs., he doesn't get 'airborne' and cant 'fly' behind the horses any more, but he tries and their tails are broken off and raggedy looking. They look like someone took a weedwhacker to them. They had beautiful long thick tails before Crush chomped them up. But a dogs gotta have some fun, right! LOL! I'm looking for another breed mix of this kind so Crush has a canine friend to play with.
  7. Jeri

    Jeri Member

    Lol! Someone forgot to tell Camo that Neos are not barkers. But then,,he was raised with Chiuhuahuas a dachsund and a maltese/papillion mix. He thinks he one of them!

    He was given to me so I never got to check out any others. He looks a bit on the wrinkly side, but I don't think it's going to be overly excessive. He is stubborn when he wants or doesn't want something. Listens when it suits him. Has never shown aggression (he's 6 mos old) and is a pretty laid back boy except for the times of the day when he gets the zoomies. I wouldn't trade him for the world!
  8. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    I have myself a Neo mix Kronos is 25% DS and 75% ab/Neo what drew me to them is there exceptional protection potential and the great bandogs they make. I love his assertiveness he's suspicious and will let you know...he can be pretty dominant and likes to see just how far he can get that can be pretty well annoying sometimes but tolerable... i think those are some of his Neo traits

    Tapd on my skyrocket
  9. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    Some dane people call Thor a Neo, does that count?:p
  10. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    I don't think so lol
  11. neomama

    neomama New Member

    Ni Neobull, I was just looking throught all the older post and saw your question, I AM A NEO OWNER AND NEO LOVER!!
  12. Juella

    Juella New Member

    Hi I have my first Neo... Duska, she is 4.5 months old I have always loved the Mastiff breeds but was unaware of the Neo, after I found the breed I was in love, I had to have one. What a beautiful loving girl, protective, territorial, loves people, but guarded when she first meets them. She gets a bit aggressive with my daughters Weim if she gets too close to her toys, or food!!! I am learning new things about her daily, and loving every minute. I have photos of her on my profile page, she was a month younger in them, she is 55 pounds now and gaining.
  13. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    Duska is a beautiful girl. I am jealous :)
  14. Juella

    Juella New Member

    Thank you, I think she is beautiful too:)
  15. Jason Szemreylo

    Jason Szemreylo New Member

    Im getting my first Mastiff in four weeks! Can't wait! We are going this weekend to pick her out. She is a Neo/English cross, Mom is AKC English and Dad is AKC Neo, the entire liter is Brindle! So Excited!
  16. masteneo

    masteneo New Member

    half neo half bullmastiff in our house. same here with the barking thing. Chloe will let you know if she hears things that sound to close to the house. She is one heck of a bandog. But her neo traits far over power her bull traits. 214.jpg
  17. ccameron

    ccameron New Member

    I got a puppy and he was supposed to be full blood but I think he is mixed with something. This is my first mastiff to own and I was just wondering if anyone could give me an opinion. He is 8 months today and I took him to the vet and he weights 60 pounds. He is about 20 inches tall at the shoulder. He likes to sleep alot so dont have many pictures of him standing! The one at a distance is when he is 7 months the close up is when he was 7 months and I was on the floor with him standing over me so he looks very wrinkly. Then the one of him sleeping was when he was 5 months and that's how he always sleeps...cracks me up. I will try to get more pictures of him when he gets home from the vet this afternoon. Thanks for any advice I get. hercules7.jpg hercules .jpg hercules3.jpg
  18. Mooshi's Mummy

    Mooshi's Mummy New Member

    Wow she is gorgeous!
  19. Elsa22813

    Elsa22813 New Member

    My puppy (7wks) is mostly all Neo but her mom was also 1/2 English Mastiff. She has her moms colors, but I'm guessing she'll have dad's wrinkles lol. Her parents were so friendly every time we'd visit. They'd greet us in the driveway. Their temperaments were so sweet.
  20. HeatherC

    HeatherC New Member

    We have a pure Neo., Timber, She's 20 months old - still not full grown. She is the biggest baby we've ever had! She thinks she gets along with our cat, just don't ask our cat (the cat hates being sniffed by her!). She is a huge lap dog which can be difficult at times. She gets along with everybody except the cable man, didn't like him! (Makes you wonder what they may sense/smell in a person.) Our only problem is she tends to forget how big she is and she can't play with us like a little dog can... I loved that someone wrote that their dog gets the "zoomies". Timber loves to run.. photo.JPG

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