How much do we feed a Growing Puppy?

Discussion in 'Raw Food Diets' started by Vantage, Jun 21, 2017.

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    I understand we calculate raw feeding based on 2-4% of dogs ideal goal weight? So for a 100lb Adult-Dog at 2% = 2lbs of raw food / 3% = 3lbs of raw food - for the day?
    Percentage based on the dogs current weight, goal weight (lose or gain lbs), and activity.

    But how do we figure out how much food to give a growing puppy? Say 2 months - 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 months? Are we still always calculating the total feeding off their ideal adult weight, or do we use incremental weights and increase as they're growing? If the latter then, what are these "ideal" weights at each stage of growth?
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    Gosh, I wish I knew the answer.

    I found this from a 2015 posting on raw feeding. It looks like it might answer your questions or at least point you to where you might find more info.
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    Yes -

    When you start out, you pick the smaller of these two amounts:
    1. 2.5% of goal adult weight
    2. 10% of current puppy weight

    So... for a 10lb puppy that will grow to be a 100lb adult, you'd give 1lb a day to start, slowly increasing the portions as the puppy grows. Once the puppy grows to more than 25lbs, you'd only give 2.5lbs per day from that point on... BUT you're also always adjusting portions and calories to match the dog's energy levels and body condition. Body condition is always the lead indicator for how to adjust portion sizes.

    Denna is such a low-energy pup (especially now that she's on restricted duty healing a CCL tear in her knee) - she's down to 1.2% of her goal weight.
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    Thanks guys that's really helpful!

    One other question, about how long is it safe to Store Raw Meat in your freezer? (I ask because the nearest Affordable Raw Provider is 90+ minutes away but they charge 1.50-2.50/lb. Where as All the Raw meat providers near me 30-45minutes charge 3.50+++++ per lb!..all the way up to a ridiculous $6 per lb!)

    I'd much rather put my boy on Raw, I don't mind doing the labour, going to get it, separating and freezing and thawing and what not, but I can't really purchase $300 worth of raw food versus $80 for high-end kibble, per month. At 1.50-2.50 it is still somewhat affordable, but once you go over 3.50 it starts to get a little wild. And I really, really do NOT want to feed kibble.
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    My research came up with, meat being stored in the freezer safely for 4-12 months. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    I also found a Raw supplier who gives a considerable discount on large/bulk orders, so this might end up working out very well! :)

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