I want to call police to complain about neighbor's dog.

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Hoffm, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Hoffm

    Hoffm New Member

    I feel really mean doing that but I don't know what else to do. This dog has been keeping me up different hours of the night all month! I rarely get more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep because this poor dog. I don't know why they don't put him inside or something. What would be the consequences of doing a complaint for that? I don't talk to any of my neighbor's and I don't even know exactly what house it is. I thin it's the one behind me and to the side.
  2. Tunride

    Tunride New Member

    It would depend only local laws, noise, nuisance laws, etc. The neighbors are usually told only a neighbor complained. That's good unless you are the only neighbor. I call when an animal is neglected or harmed or just barking constant. I usually call on the neighbors (renters and their company) with loud music, can't stand that loud boom, boom, boom of loud speakers, let alone at 2am. I was a special deputy a life time ago and here you are not allowed to disturb neighbors with loud noise or barking any time of the day or night. Personally, I'd call the police and explain what is going on. The situation can't be that good for the poor dog either.
  3. Robtouw

    Robtouw New Member

    Have you tried talking fo your neighbors? Unless they have given you a reason not to, try having a civil, non-threatening talk about. noise and your sleeping habits.
  4. Jadotha

    Jadotha New Member

    Yes, I would begin by having a non-confrontational talk with the neighbors. But, if you don't know exactly which house it is, it is going to be difficult to have a conversation or provide the police with sufficient information to act. I think the first thing to do is to attempt to accurately pin-point the source of the barking.
  5. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    But if you do talk to the neighbor and they're not helpful...when you have to call the cops later, then they'll know exactly who it was.

    California's the weirdest state when it comes to neighbors. Not nearly as friendly as back in the midwest where you knew everyone.
  6. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    We have a home owners association that tries to deal with things like this.

    But, when it was happening to me... I got my neighbor's phone number, and I'd call her when her dog was out barking at 4am... she got angry when I woke HER up with the phone call. DUH!!! I think she started turning the ringer off... which, as an older lady (70's?) living alone, probably wasn't a great idea. She told me her dog (which has a doggy door) was just up because she had gotten up to go the bathroom. so????

    She's on her 3rd dog since we've been here... I finally got through to her one day when I suggested - to her face - that if she loved her dog, she would do something about her frustrations, so she wouldn't need to bark so much. Happy dogs don't bark.

    A few weeks later - she started walking her dog! I think it's been a good thing for both of them. :)
    Her current dog (all dachshunds) very, very rarely barks. Heard one bark yesterday... the first in months. Ah! peace!!

    Then... there's the idiots that live a few houses further away... that barky dog finally got too old to care about barking anymore. I still hear her occasionally, but nothing like she used to do. Could be they finally got enough complaints, or the new neighbors took better action than the last one (she would throw the barker a frozen steak, just to get a few moments of silence).

    I'd vote for leaving a note on the neighbor's door - something polite about needing sleep and requesting they keep their dog indoors and quiet at night... and suggesting more formal action will be taken if the incessant barking does not stop. Could be they're idiots and/or heavy sleepers and just don't know?
  7. Jadotha

    Jadotha New Member

    Not necessarily -- if one person in a neighborhood is being disturbed, it quite likely others are, as well.

    Before any strategy can be put in place, there is still the issue of identifying the culprit....
  8. Hoffm

    Hoffm New Member

    Thank you for all the good suggestions and stories. I was thinking I could just tell the police what street and they can ask everyone on that street about it but I guess they wouldn't do that. haha. I will try to pin point it. My other issue is that I often hear a dog yelping or crying at times. I wonder if it is the same dog. One time he was barking for ever and then he started yelping and crying like someone went out there and hit him. I can't believe the people living next door to them don't say anything. I feel bad for that dog. I kinda think they would just tell me too bad if I tried to talk to them because they must know he does that everynight and they just don't care and it's a good size dog from the sound of his bark.
  9. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    I'm sure others are being disturbed too, but if you go talk to the neighbor and then the cops get called, they're 100% going to assume it's you. In fact, even if one of the other neighbors calls the cops after you talked to them, they'll still think it was you.

    I'm not saying they shouldn't go talk to the people, I'm just throwing it out there as a potential negative to talking to them.
  10. LizB

    LizB New Member

    I have heard cops say that when they hear complaints like this they prefer that you speak to the neighbors yourself first, and then if nothing happens to contact them.

    I don't think you should be worried about reprisals - it is easy for a neighbor to tell the cop a load of BS about how their dog is not the problem, it is another dog, "that neighbor is just trying to mess with me" etc., but it is harder for them to look you in the eye and deny it. They'd complain in your shoes, believe me. My next door neighbor's neighbor on the other side of them has complained about their dog (their yard is oriented so I can't hear her) bothers them, so they have taken great pains to prevent it. I know there are crappy neighbors out there but you might be surprised.
  11. cayeesmom

    cayeesmom New Member

    Long story, had a issue with a neighbor behind me last summer. They started with on little pittmix and within one month had added 4 more pitts that they "rescued". [2 adults and 5 kids and all these dogs in a very small 2 bed house with a very small yard!] The Pittmix climbed the fence and went after my neighbors chi, dogs okay, we talked to the owner and his reponse was , the pitt mix is a good dog and no one was hurt, no big deal. A week later she goes over the fence again, this time next door to me. When we approach the gate the dog goes off, so she called the police, by the time they got there the kids had grab the dog and got her back to their house. So then they start chaining her in the backyard and she is barking endlessly, a high pitch, drives you nuts bark. When we ask them to make her stop they answer, your fault, we have to keep her on the chain and she barks. This goes on for a month or so and one day I'm in my backyard when I hear a dog crying out, look over at their yard and see one of the pitts pouncing on the mix that is laying on the ground and she screams every time he does it. My first response was dog fight so we call the police. By the time they arrive I realized she was chocking on the chain that was twisted so tight she was flat on the ground and could not move, the other pitt was just trying to get her up. The owner was not home, animal control takes pictures and cut her loose with a bolt-cutter by that time she is gasping for air ,did not think she would make it, but she did and they left. When the owner came home I happened to be outside so I told them what happened and that I had to call for help. They had an attitude about it, even though I explained she was chocking to death. Well next day I get cussed out and called every name you can think of. Animal control had came back out that morning and removed the pitt mix and another pitt, and it was all my fault! Now I never let Luke be alone outside because I caught them teasing him a few times and as friendly as he is ,he does not like them, hackles up when he sees them. And I know they would love to have Luke do something so they can get back at me. They live catty corner from me and that is the only side with chainlink since the wind took my privacy fence down. Do not think Luke would jump the fence but you never know. All my other neighbors are great, we all watch out for eachother and our pets.
  12. Jadotha

    Jadotha New Member

    Cayeesmom....I am so sorry, but it is very difficult for me to read your post without formatting.

    Voidecho, in my experience in different neighborhoods with intrusive dogs, the people who approach the problem neighbor are less likely to become -- and to be perceived as -- the person who called the police,
  13. Milton Meathead

    Milton Meathead New Member

    I'm not sure if you have bylaw officers where you are or not but where I am, each town has their own bypass and picking up doggie poop, barking, leash laws all fall under the bylaw. Rather than approach your neighbour just call the city bylaw officer and file a complaint. The moment you approach your neighbor is when they will take offends and then it all starts. We live in a tow home and we don't talk to any of our neighbours. Our one neighbor has 2 big dogs that they never walk and let their shit pile up in their backyard and every time they leave the house, their dogs start howling like a pack of wolves and drive me nuts! Nothing I can do cause the dogs are still in the house! I called bylaw and when they asked me if I talked to them I said " nope that's your job not mine!" They said ok and sent an officer to their house. There is another guy up the street who would let his dog out the front door to take a dump anywhere it wanted and wouldn't even clean it up. I called bylaw on them too and now see them clean up their dog poop. We have a few idiot dog owners in my area that never clean up their poop and then there are a few who keep their dogs out at night and they constantly bark

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  14. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    I've called AC on a young pup (could tell by the bark it was a small dog) that barked for the whole time Titan and I were walking at the park @ 5:30am. I always heard him barking when it was below freezing temps and wind chills in teens or 20's. I had to call twice.

    I did not know the house but knew the vicinity. I haven't heard the dog bark in a couple of weeks. I hope they bring him into the house but AC probably took the dog.:(
  15. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    Feel your pain. My neighbors adopted a young husky/shepherd mix which was the absolute LAST thing they needed. It's an older woman, her son & daughter & the daughters son that live there. They are all the laziest people I've ever seen. So they go out & adopt this hyper 11 month old crazy dog. Well during the day they lock him & the 2 shih tzus they own in their garage with the garage doors shut. They don't appear to be cracked at all. That husky mix howls all day long sometimes which is super annoying to me bc I work from home. I swore the next time he did it I was going to call AC but I haven't heard him since. I never hear their dogs in their backyard so it makes me wonder if the people just let them poop & pee in the house or garage. They also constantly drive through my yard. I pick & choose which battles I fight with them bc the older woman's son is batshit crazy & I don't trust him whatsoever. Thankfully I am in the process of buying a home & will be away from these people soon.

    Everyone has given great advice, just wanted to say I can sympathize with you. Some people just do not need to own dogs or pets period.
  16. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Check your bylaws, about what is and is not allowed noise and dog care wise.

    But yah, also try to ID the house. If they have a doggy door (for example) then the dog is likely outside by its choice, so its not cruelty even if it is freezing out. And they may not realize how much its barking (I know, hard to believe, but it does happen).

    If you can ID the house, and maybe catch them out in the yard, you might be able to pull a clueless "hey, what breed of dog is that? I hear him barking all the time so I got curious" which you may be able to segue into a "you know he barks ALL NIGHT" kinda thing.

    Personally though, if you can't manage to find a way to approach them that way I'd personally have no problem with you just calling it in honestly. If he barks that much you're probly not the first, and it may just require a certain number of complaints before they'll do something about it.

    I can sympathize though. The property kitty-corner to me, has a pair of German Shepherds, who I refer to as the "psychotic GSDs".....they're restrained by only an efence (and not very well restrained by it, they "bounce" off the "wall" fairly frequently, and as soon as the collar batteries die they go right through it), so they bark at and "chase" EVERY SINGLE MOVING THING THEY SEE. Every car, bike, walking person who goes by the property is followed down the property line by a pair of aggressively barking GSDs. Every movement in a neighbors' yard is greeted by a pair of barking GSDs. I literally cannot step out my front door without getting barked at, even though my house is over 150ft from their property line. Though since Apollo proved them to be a pair of wimpy babies they don't bark at HIM nearly as much as they used to!
  17. TWW

    TWW Well-Known Member

    Address the issue in person with the neighbor, if they give you the BS STORIES, report it to your home owners association, if still nothing call the police.
    Document times and dates, also get a copy of any reports you do.

    Have had similar issues in the past, talking worked all but once, one time it did not, lets just say neighbor found out I'm a lot more scary than him, his dog, or the ticket the police threatened 3 different times.
  18. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Look, everyone knows that crazy people get dogs and that those dogs are mistreated, but most people aren't crazy they are just out-of-touch or overwhelmed.

    I advocate for people getting to know their neighbours, building relationships and good will. If you work for that then an obstructive and obnoxious neighbour who moves in has a united group working against them...bringing heat. Cops listen, AC listens, and the new neighbour buckles under or moves on.
    And there are more benefits to building community, someone keeping eyes on your property, helping you protect your kids. You are in the know immediately if there is a thief in the neighbourhood, someone to help you if you have a sudden illness or need. Some times it's just a shoulder to cry on or share a beer with, no matter what, good neighbours build great neighbourhoods.

    As for this problem, if you don't know who is the problem, just "over there somewhere" consider printing out a flyer and dropping one in every mailbox or door. Something like, "Are you being kept up by your neighbour's dog barking all night? If so, call these numbers to complain.". List the numbers of Animal Control or By-law Enforcement and Police. Eventually, your neighbour will go "Who, me?", but since it was a flyer, they won't know which neighbour OR how many neighbours blew the whistle. Hopefully, all of the surrounding neighbours will take the bull by the horns.
  19. season

    season Active Member

    I agree with going to talk to them. I've never been a big fan of passive aggressive style of problem solving. Be assertive.
  20. Siloh

    Siloh Member


    Of course their frustrated, chained-up dog is your fault. Makes my head and heart hurt to think of the bark I know you're speaking of. We had a hunter with mistreated beagles living nearby us (tiny crates, NEVER out hunting--some hunter!). His solution to the barking was to shoot cats on sight on his property.

    God in heaven. This is heartrending.

    I know I don't sound very neighborly, but if they got on my property to do this I would aim a gun at their knee and ask them to stop before I took action, or I would at least fire an airsoft at them. Don't screw with my animals. Ever.

    Recently I was home alone napping with the dogs. I woke to a noise and realized it was the door. We are always afraid of people breaking in to steal our dogs due to their breeds and this area. I flipped out of bed, grabbed a K-bar knife, and slid out of my bedroom with it ready. I was met by my friend I hadn't been expecting for several hours, who had both hands up. :)

    Back to the OP, I would call the cops for anonymity purposes. I think it's easier to approach after a call to the cops and feign ignorance than the other way around as well. If the cops don't work and you want to talk to them yourselves, it probably won't be as obvious that you were the original caller. I can be passive aggressive though. Knowing me I would visit under another pretense and then ease into talking about the dog or mentioning that I hear it.

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