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  1. thelady_v2010

    thelady_v2010 New Member

    I was thinking last night that I may have to call my homeowners insurance. Is that usually the case when you get a dog? I have really good insurance and have never had a claim issue (USAA).
  2. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    I think it just depends on what kind of dog. I know that some insurance places charge more for homeowners if the person has an aggressive breed. My grandmother had to pay more bc she had a chow.
  3. mx5055

    mx5055 New Member

    Yes yes and yes....At least call your insurance and ask....when I lived in Florida I always had to pay a bit more on my home owner's insurance policy because of my rotti; but at least I had peace of mind knowing that if something did happen I was covered. It may not change your insurance at all, but in my opinion you need to find out :)
  4. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Be careful... we were dropped from our insurance (Nationwide) when we tried to renew our policy - and they asked if we had a dog. We had a 190lb mutt... which we guessed was rott/GSD/Pyrn. When they heard he might be any part rottie - the agent would not talk to me anymore. Forget that we'd been on a Nationwide policy for 10 years already.

    We're now with state farm. They do not descriminate for any breed. We had our "mutt" identified at the vet as a "burmese mt dog mix" anyway... which he could have been... he was, after all, a shelter MUTT!

    One of our daycare groups cannot allow bullmastiffs to participate - but apparently all other mastiffs (including Fila's) are ok, since they're not mentioned. ??? Insurance people make no sense.
  5. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    We have USAA also and never had a problem

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  6. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    I would call USAA but they are usually pretty good when it comes to dogs.
  7. rangermom

    rangermom New Member

    We have Allstate and they only descriminate if there is a city/township ordinance against that breed. We have a rott and since rotts are allowed in my town, they will insure us.

    We tried to switch our policy recently to Progressive and they exclude rotts so we couldn't switch.
  8. dogman#1

    dogman#1 Active Member

    I have USAA as well and they are pretty freaking awesome. give them a call and check with them.
  9. mountainfila

    mountainfila Active Member

    Once i got to the ALLSTATE word his voice popped into my head and i read the rest in his voice hahahahaha, damn commercials :lolbangtable:

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