It's been a while but here is Nucky all grown....

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by lizzy.bu, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. lizzy.bu

    lizzy.bu New Member

    Nucky is now 2 and a half! Which is crazy time flies too fast sometimes! Thought I'd drop in and give yall a current photo. Hope everyone is well!!

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  2. Max's mom

    Max's mom New Member

    HI Nucky! Handsome boy...your bed in that last picture looks like Max's. All old towels, blankets and throw rugs end up in a pile on the floor and make for a favorite dog lounging spot.
  3. tmricciuto

    tmricciuto New Member

    He's so handsome. And look at those jowls.

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  4. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Hi Nucky!

    How is his temperament?
  5. DDSK

    DDSK New Member

    He is very handsome
    Welcome back
  6. lizzy.bu

    lizzy.bu New Member

    lol yes I bought him a large nice bed for his crate buy when he's just hangin out he loves the blankets.
  7. lizzy.bu

    lizzy.bu New Member

    His temperament is excellent. I can walk him or take him into an environment (such as the vet) and he will stay calm still does not like it lol I muzzle him for safety. When it comes to people coming into his space.......haha not happening. Is great with other dogs though that is one of the reason I think he does so well at the vets is the smell of other animals. Until about eight months ago I could still slowly socialize him with new people with good results but I've stepped away from that now because I see more of that tolerating but disliking the situation and I don't want him to snap on someone. So he hit the full temperament finally and is everything I could have asked for.
  8. lizzy.bu

    lizzy.bu New Member


    Before I took him home!!!!
  9. Yamizuma

    Yamizuma Active Member

    Welcome back! Nucky is fabulous!

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  10. Is Nucky pronounced like Cookie? Just wondering.

    Look at the snout on him! What a handsome sir! He sure was a cute puppy!
  11. TWW

    TWW Well-Known Member

    Dam good looking guy.
    Good to hear all is going well with him.
  12. dogman#1

    dogman#1 Active Member

    why cant I see any pictures?
  13. Yamizuma

    Yamizuma Active Member

    Recent server upgrades seem to have wiped out pics on a lot of previous threads.

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  14. filagiel

    filagiel New Member

    I want to see him to Liz :) He's one of my babies :) I can't see the pictures either :(

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