Kujo vs. Grape

Discussion in 'Dogue de Bordeaux' started by Kujo, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    Wish my stupid phone would let me watch the videos :(
  2. TN Dogues

    TN Dogues New Member

    How funny! BAD GRAPE!
    Kujo is so handsome. It's so cute how he looks back at you, then goes back to killing the grape.
  3. Kujo

    Kujo Active Member

    He's quite the character for sure :rolleyes:. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, all in a day of the life of Kujo. :eek:
  4. tojvan

    tojvan Member

    Kujo is beautiful and one hell of a comedian.
  5. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    I like it when he stops and looks up at you, like...what are you doing? Come play with my grape mom!
  6. DDSK

    DDSK New Member

    Lol Abby had a great time on Christmas when I spilled a half a bag of fresh cranberries on the floor.
    She chased them and batted them all over the kitchen and the den.

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