Lots of variation in this breed. Which way is it going? Truck or Sports Car?

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  1. I notice a lot of variation when I see pics of Cane Corsos. The ones that they like to show off are the heavy, big boned, blocky ones that look impressive as heck, but then you hear that this is a coursing breed, and they are supposed to be fast and have lots of stamina, and pictures of other CC's show a dog that's built more like a lanky pitbull. What are they supposed to look like?
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    the original dogs from the litter mike sottile brought back , cocomo , balo , tori , malochai , duro , Bruno they all looked alike , and produced dogs of their type …...………. I was always amazed at some really influential breeders telling me they were making the breed better …… myself I was trying to get more of the dogs I started with , the reason I bred them was because I liked them ………. you'd think the goal would be to preserve the breed you started with …….
  3. How would you describe Sotile's dogs? How athletic were they compared to other breeds? They look kind of like Neos to me. I looked up the meaning of Cane Corso, and I'm confused now. I know Cane means Dog, but Corso seems to have different meanings. I read that it means Guard but I also read that it means Run (as in Coursing). So it's either a Guard Dog or a Coursing Dog, which have very different meanings.
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    i never met any of those dogs , sottile lived in new jersey when I knew him , he had pitbulls and neos …… he had told me about the dogs he planned on bringing to the states , he told me they were working dogs , he didn't call them cane corso , I didn't hear that name until years later …….. they were most definitely not coursing dogs , he said the farmers had them , like American bulldogs here in the states …….. I imagine the breed was crossed with lots of other breeds like American bulldogs were/are , since they became popular ………

    I don't find they look like a neo's







    pretty sure this dog was an original "cane corso" , looks like a Sicilian presa ……….

  5. I read that "Corso" means Courtyard in Latin, so the name Cane Corso would roughly mean a guard dog for your property. Other people have said it means it's a coursing dog, which to me is more like a Greyhound or Saluki. I think I the guard dog label makes more sense, and certainly the Sotile dogs look they they fit that description better. I do see the Neo influence, but they look much more functional.
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    I have been doing some research..... and by No Means am I an expert..... but i have come to realize that there really is no such thing as a PURE breed dog in today's society.... i did a dna on my Cane Corso and found Cane Corso, Neapolitan Mastiff, and boxer....i was totally shocked.... i have learned people use boxers to cut the bigger Corso yo make the SHOW ready....thinner, more active. My boy is 16 months old and is 27 inches tall and weighs 115 lbs......
    I have also read that the Corso and Neo were once the same dog.... they were breed with other dogs to get the differences they have today....
  7. I'd say that most modern dogs breeds originated from crossing dogs. However, most breeds today have a very consistent phenotype. You can just look at a dog and say "it's a Rottweiler" or "it's a Doberman Pincher". With the Cane Corso, not so much. "Is that a Bandogge?" "Is that a Presa Canario?""Is that a Pit mix?""Looks like it has some Boxer". I heard that even if the parents are the phenotype you want, you might get surprised that your puppy doesn't look like them.
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    I agree with this. Long established breeds, like the Boxer, English Mastiff, etc, breed true to type and temperament. Many of the breeders I've spoken to feel that it usually takes 50 years or so to breed true to type, although there is no set number of generations or time. Breeding true basically means to have the pups having the predictable physical and temperamental characteristics that the breeders were looking for, without throwbacks to the founding breeds. If that makes sense. That's why I am so against mixing breeds. People think they can get a predictable "type" from mixing two dogs with physical traits they like, but that's not true. You may get a pup with the attributes you were going for, but you're far more likely to get something very different. Health, temperament, and type are not consistent.
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