Lung Cancer - I might have it.

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Mooshi's Mummy, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. joshuagough

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    Tammy, I’m thankful as you go to have the discussions with the doctors, we are fighting the battle from the point of VICTORY, not to the point of victory.. Jesus said it was done.. it IS finished, I speak that same stance over you in this health situation.

    Couldn't be pulling for you any stronger!
  2. Penny1960

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    Checking in daily here thinking of you.
  3. Kujo

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    Thinking of you lady :)
  4. Kujo

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    one more :)

  5. NYDDB

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    Kujo- I almost posted this same saying. I have this as an icon on my desktop. :)

    Stay strong, Tammy... :cool:

  6. cinnamon roll

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    Good morning everyone I have an update that Tammy has asked me to pass on to you.

    So here it goes.....

    Tammy got her results from her biopsy, she has a very aggressive, rare form of cancer, small cell is the name of it. It is not curable but hopefully it can be manageable.

    Here are her numbers if you would like to look them up. T4 N2 M0.

    And unfortunatly she has had a set back of sorts. She went into the day after she got her resluts. She was throwing up all night with a high fever, she called the nurse and they told her to go straight to the hospital.

    She has been admitted to the hospital for an infection , they have not said what the infection is from yet. She is on an IV and a nebualizer.

    Today her fever is down and her rates are looking better. She will be in the hospital until at least Sunday.

    As typical crazy ass Tammy fashion she is in great spirits and was trying to make me smile!! UNREAL She never ceases to amaze me. :)

    Next week she will start Chemo daily for 18 weeks. After 3 weeks she will begin radation.

    Oh and she is cutting her hair and dying it bright pink. :)

    I have been telling her EVERY single comment on here. She is grateful for all of the well wishes, prayers, hugs, and the amount of love and support she is getting from all of you.

    I will happily pass on any messages if you would like me too.
  7. musicdeb

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    Thanks for the update, Terie~ I'm at a loss for words but tell her I said to hang in there and fight it with all she's got and fucking pink hair rocks!
  8. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    I sure will!!!

    She will look so damn cute with pink hair

  9. looby73

    looby73 Member

    Oh bugger. Not what we wanted to hear but at least their getting her in there for treatment quickly.
    Give her my love and that Zeus and Hades send some slobbery kisses.
    A friend who's just been through breast cancer said that losing her hair was a great excuse to buy some cool wigs.
  10. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod


    Dr said they may start Chemo Monday!!!! YAY
  11. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    I have passed your message on. :)

  12. Harrygto

    Harrygto Active Member

    thanks for the update
  13. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    Damn. Thanks for the update CR. Send her my love & well wishes. Miss you Tammy!!
  14. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    You are welcome

    Message sent. :)

  15. Jadotha

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    Oh, bloody hell! But yes, thanks very much for the update, Terie! I guess it is positive that the cancer has not affected lymph nodes on the opposite side of the chest, and that the M value is 0. It's also good to hear that she is feeling better and will start chemo on Monday!

    I agree that pink hair rocks! Give her lots of hugs from me!
  16. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    You are most welcome. YES it has not traveled so that is def good!!!!!

    I will forward your hugs on to her.

  17. Al and Julie

    Al and Julie New Member

    Prayers and positive vibes coming your way. I have no other words. As for the pink hair go ahead and do it I am sure you will be gorgeous in it.[​IMG]
  18. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, here's a short blurb on this Bitch. This type makes up less than 10% of all lung cancers.

    Stamford Cancer Institute:
    "Small cell lung cancer
    Small cell lung cancer is a form of neuroendocrine cancer that often grows rapidly and quickly spreads to other organs. It often responds to chemotherapy and radiation more impressively than does non-small cell cancer. There are two stages of small cell lung cancer:
    Limited stage- cancer is generally found only in one lung. There may also be cancer in nearby lymph nodes on the same side of the chest.
    Extensive stage - cancer has spread beyond the primary tumor in the chest to other parts of the body."

    From Cancer Research UK:
    The TNM staging system
    takes into account the size of the tumour (T), whether cancer cells have spread into the lymph nodes (N) close to the cancer and whether the tumour has spread anywhere else in the body, which is called a secondary cancer or metastases (M). The doctor gives each of these factors a number.
    If you have stage 3B lung cancer, you have any of the following
    • Any T, N3, M0
    • T4, N2, M0
    • T4, N3, M0
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  19. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Let Tammy know we're keeping her in our prayers. It appears that she's in the better of the two categories (limited) and that the chemo and radiation is very successful at this level.

    A great attitude, a new pink do, a great health care partnership, lots of concerned friends, a loving husband, and eight loving paws wrapped around her...Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

    I'm going to meditate and pray seeing those tumors shrink and die. We're going to keep the positive vibes going night and day. We miss you, Tammy. Get better fast.
  20. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    It is late in the UK but I PROMISE I will send your message tomorrow morning first thing.

    Tammy is hitting this bitch, In typical Tammy style, head on with everything she has got. :)

    She will get thru this. And thank you for you wonderful thoughts and prayers.


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