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    I have two male cane corsos, both unaltered (I have consulted with people in this forum when they were little about having both of them) who live together.

    The bigger one - Lucas, is 3 years old and the other - Vito is 2 years and 8 months. They live together since they were babies.
    They play, sleep and do everything together. The bigger one is the boss and they never fought with each other.

    There is another dog - a male cane corso, 4.5 years old, his name is Conor. This is my boyfriend's dog.
    We plan on moving in together into a house within the next 9-10 months, where the three dogs are supposed to live as well.

    The dogs met a lot of times during the last 2 years. Conor has always been protective towards each of mine, but there were 3 or 4 times when they fought - all of the cases because of jealousy between them or because somebody wanted to show who is the boss. The fights were not serious (we stopped them as soon as possible of course), and after each of them they were again walking together or playing. In less words - they are friends when they are walking together outside.

    So my question is, is it possible the three of them to live together without killing each other or anything serious happening to any of them ?
    What we are doing now is meeting them a lot more times than before - maybe 2-3 times a week, because I noticed that when they meet more often, noone wants to prove anything and there is no pressure when they meet or play or walk together. Would that be helpful at all?

    Please advise.
    Thank you in advance!

    49306582_222682885284804_3732715888944611328_n.jpg 39077924_2249793261920373_8646783689662922752_n.jpg 48991438_507391916421581_1168319035377451008_n.jpg
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    I have 3 intact male ccs the eldesr is 6 middle one is 4 youngest 3 1/2. This isnt the first breed weve done this with we had rotties previous, i will say this breed as been a lot more work, our eldest budcuss will not tolerate any other dog that hes not familiar with, close families dogs are fine but if we tried to bring another into his home i know it would upset the balance,
    You say you take them for walks, youve had scuffles, believe me if they had been full on fights you would have serious injuries, but it will be different if they challenge each other in a home enviroment,
    Iv watched my 3 when theyve been gaurding on the propertythey work well together budcuss and gandalf are upfront about 6 ft apert gollom always stands back about 10ft infront of me. The problem you may have is if your partners dog thinks hes the leader in his home your eldest thinks hes the leader in his home so when they come together those 2 may well clash,
    Is the home going to be a new home for all of you
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    I agree with glen on this. There's no way to know until you see how they react together in the home. If you have had visitor dogs at the home before with no negative reaction that would of course be a positive indication. My Kahlua does okay when we are on walks around other dogs. But any other dog (especially female) comes near her home and she loses her mind. You would think she was a rabid beast the way she acts. It's the main reason why I'm resigned to keeping our amount of dogs to just Kahlua and Diesel. Diesel would happily welcome more dogs into his pack but Kahlua is a whole different story.
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    My partner's dog accept familiar dogs in his house. Mine were in their house a few times in the past and he showed aggression only about his food on his territory, which I see as a normal thinng since he has never shared food with anyone. Generally he accepts family known dogs in the house, as well as a lot of people.

    During that times and during the walks he (the biggest one) has always been extremely protective towards my dogs, and is more alert when when we walked along other male dogs on the street. When he is alone, he is not paying attention to most of the males already.
    When both mine fought with him, he stand down and continue to be protective. My dogs, together or not, are more certain in themselves in his presence, and act like they have a big buddy, etc - act as a pack with him and know he will protect them. But. When he tried to tangle them, they do not stand down.

    The new house will be new for all of the dogs and for us, it is not a terriroty of any of the dogs.

    What we think is that the three dogs will not be left alone under any kind of circumstances, but we want them to be alive and well in our presence.
  5. glen

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    All you can do is keep doing what you are doing, get them together as much as possible, any dominant testing behaviour you take control of immediatly, i only have to look at my boys eyes and stance to know what is coming, learn to read your dogs,
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  6. I keep 2 unaltered males in my home...they are fine together inside and out, but sometimes need to be told to cool it. They also do not get left alone at home together...our home is multi-leveled with a door that separates the levels. When we're not is upstairs, one is on the middle level. When they do have a dust up, even though it has never been can damage the dogs. One of mine tore an ACL while playing with the other dog that needed surgical reattachment (he's fine now).

    Bottom line for can be done within sensible parameters.
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