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Discussion in 'English Mastiff' started by SweetNess, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. SweetNess

    SweetNess New Member

    Hello! I am new to this forum. We are first time English Mastiff owners. We love him so much! He is eight months old. We recently noticed him being more moody. Is this normal? Sometimes he just lays on the floor and whines at us. If we sit next to him he seems better but we can’t sit with him 24/7 as much as I’d love too. He has slowed down on eating as well. I’ve read that Mastiff’s are emotional so any feedback would be appreciated. He’s a healthy boy, he weighs just over 100 pounds right now.
  2. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Forum!

    First, Yes!, Mastiffs are emotional, and can be moody, but generally can be wooed to a better mood with more outdoor activity. I believe all Mastiffs are good at being lazy...they make good couch potatoes, but when they feel your busy world leaves not enough time for them, they can become quite deflated and sad. Mine is going through this right now. She wants to be out and doing things and visiting family and playing with other dogs at the dog park, BUT THE HEAT BUCKLES MY KNEES. In the house it is cool and comfortable. Outside? Wow! It is a nightmare for three weeks now. Not fit for Mommy or Dog other than in early a.m., and later p.m.,

    So, based on my experience, I'd say he just wants to spend "quality time" with you, meaning, doing things he really wants to do...walks, playing tug...going to the dog park...visiting with family and other dog friends.

    There is a game we play some time, my husband and I take turns hiding on our dog and then calling out, "Find Mommy", "Find Daddy", she loves this game and she always gets a liver treat when she tracks us down.

    Home can sometimes feel more like jail (we all feel that way now during the Covid issue), but dogs feel that way too. Variety being the spice of life, time to bring out the variety to keep our emotional Mastiffs happy;)
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  3. Zeela

    Zeela Well-Known Member

    Well said Bailey's mom. I know exactly what you mean with the heat. It's been brutally hot out and not good for Zeela nor myself. Mastiffs can be lazy but they also need that external stimulation otherwise they do get moody and give attitude.
    Zeela just stares and stares at me until I cave and say ok, let's go.
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  4. SweetNess

    SweetNess New Member

    Thank you for your responses! It just breaks our heart that he’s sad. I was thinking he needed a new toy or something.
  5. SweetNess

    SweetNess New Member

    Can I ask another question? Our Mastiff, Gus recently won’t eat first thing in the morning. Is this normal? He use to eat like crazy, now he sometimes leaves his food until lunchtime. He’s eight months old so maybe not going through a growth spurt right now?
    Thank you for any feedback.
  6. Loverboy Skyline

    Loverboy Skyline Active Member

    If you're feeding him a standard kibble this is perfectly normal. Just think if you had to eat this crap every day made from ingredients that are unfit for human consumption! LOL But seriously, this is normal. Every dog I had that ate kibble did the same at some point.
  7. SweetNess

    SweetNess New Member

    Thank you for your response:) I elevated his food and water bowl and he seems to be much happier with eating.
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  8. Zeela

    Zeela Well-Known Member

    Maybe he is just not hungry. Zeela at that age sometimes ate 3 times a day and sometimes only 2.
  9. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    I think it is perfectly normal. They skip meals at times. I wouldn‘t worry about it if that‘s the only observation. We used to see that a lot in our EM when he was young.
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  10. SweetNess

    SweetNess New Member

    Thank you!
  11. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bailey has lately taken to refusing to eat until I relent and take her for a good walk. It's frustrating, especially when I am working and can't stay and fix (her little red wagon hissy fit) the problem.

    They are wonderful animals, but, just like you and me...sometimes we just don't want to eat. And reflecting on the posts above...kibble isn't very enticing. We cook for our dog and we still have to rotate through all the flavours to keep our little (big) girl happy. Hey, they are a very privileged breed and boy, can they work the eyes to make you feel like you aren't doing your job. If you can cook for your dog (it's not for everyone) then just make sure you rotate the types, i.e., we do salmon, salmon and rice, chicken, chicken and rice, chicken and rice with veggies, beef roast, beef steak, ground beef, ground beef with rice, ground beef with veggies. Sometimes we do Surf and Turf. The variety keeps it interesting and lets us increase the nutrition that she needs. Oh, and she always has a bowl of Acana kibble available at every meal, though, generally, it's an afterthought or a midnight snack.

    Generally (if you noticed it was missing) we don't give her pork, though, if we barbecue ribs, she's at the head of the line to get her share (no bones, just meat.)
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