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    So earlier this week someone trying to join the forum reached out to me because she couldn't get the captcha to load.... she tried other browsers and just couldn't get it to work for her.... so I'm posting this for her

    Carina's email

    Hi, I am hoping for some advice with my 1 year old DDB who was just diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. I was told by his vet that he needed a hip replacement for both hips which, unfortunately, is not an option financially for us. I have taken him to 2 other vets..all of them said it was pretty bad for such a young dog. He has not had any pain or difficulty standing, sitting or running..until a few weeks ago when he was playing in the yard and yelped .. he lifted his left leg and wouldn’t put weight on it. He sat down for a minute and got up and was back to walking fine ( this is still happening if he runs or jumps .. which we are stopping when we see) This was why I took him to the vet and got the xrays. He also has something strange going on at the bottom of his legs but the vet said his legs look fine (they buckle at the hock ..probably need to start a whole new post for that issue and include a video)I’m wondering if anyone had any luck with any supplements or exercises to help with his hips so that they don’t get painful. I was given carprofen from the vet which he has been taking once a day and he gets consequinDS daily.

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    Dang, those don't look good to me... but... I'm no pro, not even close.

    I've heard rumors of dogs being able to live happy lives without surgery - if the muscles around the hips are developed to where they can hold everything together. I'd suggest your friend do a bunch of research and get a third, fourth and/or fifth opinion to find a vet that will work with her and the pup on something she can fit in her life and pocketbook. A vet that specializes in physical therapy and rehab would be where I'd send her...

    I will say, though, the exercise and therapy requirements might not be much cheaper than she's going to have to come to grips with owning an expensive dog... I'm going to guess there's no "responsible breeder" or rescue group in the equation that would help with the cost of surgery or therapy... so, she might need to do some serious soul-searching, and consider talking to some rescue groups about surrendering the pup to someone who has financial resources to provide what he's going to need, long-term. No fun. :(
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    those are severe …… i'd say rimadyl , and walks , try to build up his rear , it looks pretty weak in the x-ray……. at a year it'll be at it's worse , I believe if you can get him through it and keep up plenty of low low low impact exercise , don't let him get sore from exercise ….... try to get him unsore with rimadyl , and then walk him , let him recover , use rimadyl as needed walk him some more , limit his running , if you can limit it to none would be best , if you can build his rear and get him through what your seeing now , he may go for awhile …. if you can't control the pain , imo there is only one solution …….
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