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  1. Hi all, I have just gotten my first Mastiff puppy this past weekend and she is wonderful. I took her to the vet and they found her a bit underweight but nothing serious. Other then that she has some bacteria in her stool and got medicine for it. However after some googleing I am getting a bit worried about her size. It shows that your average size for a female English Mastiff should be about 30 pounds for her age (10 weeks) but she is only 9 and a half pounds. Is this out of the ordinary or could it be that there is something wrong? Love her to death and wouldn't want anything to happen to her.

  2. Bailey's Mom

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    Hi, glad you've joined out little family.

    I looked for an old growth chart that would help, sorry that some of the pictures didn't carry over well, but you may find this interesting. And, yes, according to this, your girl seems underweight, BUT, the parents should be considered, are they bigger/heavier representatives of the breed. As I recall (limited personal knowledge, I have a Cane Corso), English Mastiffs come in the Old English heavier type and the newer English lighter weight breed type.

    The search engine should pop up a few more examples.

    So, welcome to the Forum... I hope you enjoy your time with us.

    Bailey's Mom
  3. Sheila Braund

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    Welcome to the forum! When I brought my Bella home at 6weeks old she was only 8lbs.... she was the runt of the little.... she was also a little under weight as well. It took her about 8 months to catch up to most of her litter mates. Today she is around 125 to 130lbs. Perfect weight for her body frame. I have noticed that a lot of the breeders here in my area have been breeding the EMs on the smaller size. My self I let her eat on demand feedings 3 times a day. I was lucky she will only eat until she full. She doesn't over eat.
    I would keep an eye on her growth....if she has ribs showing where you can count them....myself I would up her intake. Other owners like their EMs on the lean side for health reasons.
    Thanks for sharing your picture of your pack.... love seeing pictures of pups so keep them coming :)
  4. glen

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    Welcome, you pup is so cute, she maybe smaller,did she come from s large litter, small now doesn't mean small at the finish line, give her a good quality food and for these big hefty mastiffs lean is best.
  5. Zeela

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    Welcome, adorable pup, what's her name? don't google too much, I am sure she will be fine about her weight.
  6. Smokeycat

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    My EM was a very slow grower. As a puppy he was half the size of the other puppies his age, even those of smaller breeds. He is now one of the largest EMs so puppy size doesn't mean everything about adult size. I would ignore what growth charts say and just monitor as she grows and make sure that she is at a healthy weight for her body shape.
  7. TylerDurden

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    Don‘t worry about the posted averages too much. I know it‘s tempting to check and compare, however, they all grow at very different rates. Watch for the body condition and work with your vet on determining whether the weight and size is appropriate.

    I will add that many vets just don‘t seem to know/understand giant breeds (not implying that this is the case with yours). We saw one when our regular vet was on vacation who told us that our EM (male) should never grow bigger than 180lbs max. "Anything above that will mess up his bones and joints". It‘s generally true that keeping them on the leaner side is certainly beneficial. However, I wouldn‘t be surprised at this point if he reached ~240lbs at full maturity. By the way, I believe he was ~25lbs at 10 weeks.
  8. Thanks everyone. She is from a litter of 7 and was the last one to go so I didn’t see her brothers or sister but in the pictures they looked similar. Her name is Penelope (Penny for short) and she is an absolute sweetheart. She is ribby as the vet said (you can clearly see all her ribs) but nothing to be worried about. We are pushing the food on her and she has gained almost 2 lbs in the last 2 days and are going to add some peanut butter to the mix for some high calorie treats. I don’t mind if she stays on the smaller side as long as she is healthy. It would be had to imagine that she could pack triple her weight on that little frame so I think she is just a late grower.
  9. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    She's gorgeous! Enjoy the lap puppy phase, alas, it passes too quickly. Mastiffs are the best dogs.
  10. Pastor Dave

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    She is a cutie....I know nothing about weight. We took our 5 year old mastiff to the vet for his yearly checkup ….at the scale, he was so afraid that the peed on it. With a treat, he did get on the scale except one leg was still on the floor. So he weighs 170 plus a leg !!!!
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  11. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Beautiful girl! My Ella was tiny. She was a foster fail and under 8 pounds at eight weeks. She's 130 at 7. They end up whatever size they're supposed to be. Leannis better than tubby. Of course we'll need many pictures to track her progress. lol
  12. Nik

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    She is just beautiful and I love the name (nickname) "Penny" for her. So perfect. <3

    Wait? They stop being lap dogs? Shhh don't tell mine they wouldn't believe you at all. ;-)
  13. Meka123

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    She is beautiful! congrats on the puppy! I definitely wouldn't google to much.. it'll drive you crazy!

    also is that an Irish wolfhound?!! My fiance has always wanted one!
  14. Thanks. No that is actually Harriet (Harry) she is a rather large (100 lbs) labradoodle. She is often mistaken for a wolfhound. Best dog ever but she is already 13 years old and is having some trouble with getting up but a very happy 'pup' and she loves Penny. The smaller furball is a Aussiedoodle (Sugar) with a lot of energy which is awesome since Harriet does not have the playing stamina anymore and Penny and Sugar are best buddies.
  15. Lol, I hope mine won't stop although she likes to sit on my lap in the car which could become a problem if she gets to 100+ lbs.
  16. kingmark

    kingmark Active Member

    Welcome to forum with your big family :) little one is so cute ,and if she is tiny now doesnt mean she will be tiny when she grows up. Keep up with more pics :)

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