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  1. metaldad904

    metaldad904 New Member

    I was just wondering, does anyone else have nicknames they use for their dogs as well as their real names? I'm pretty bad about this

    Some examples:

    Greta- Grarebear, Garebear, Greh, Graremonster, Grarebaby.

    Dharma-Dharm, Dharmadoo, Dharmadayloo, Loo-loo, HamaLama, Louise, Mama, DhamDham, Dharma De Lou, Moo moo, Mama Lama, DhamaDoo, Dham Dham....i probly have more i'm forgetting. Her full name is Dharma De Louise just for reference (yeah i'm weird, don't judge me lol).

    Coraline-Cor Cor, Cora, Corey.

    I have no explanation for this, i just do it without thinking. I'm sure they'll all confused as hell what their real names are lmao
  2. mmyrto

    mmyrto New Member

    I call Hera "my fattie" although she is not.. Also "my princess", "my pony" :)
  3. cashbasket

    cashbasket New Member

    Sophie- sophfaloaf loaf loafy sophs soapsy

    And obviously princess, pretty girl, baby, dog, dumb, and crazy
  4. metaldad904

    metaldad904 New Member

    Hahaha loving the names. Sophfaloaf is crackin me up :)
  5. cashbasket

    cashbasket New Member

    I can pretty much say anything in the voice I usually talk to her in and she will respond. I do like sophfaloaf a lot though, that's my go to
  6. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Jiggers - Pups, puppy, dumba**, demon
    Kryten - pup, puppy, monster
    The cats - kitten, sweetie, Taff (Taffy)
  7. bullyBug

    bullyBug New Member

    Da Masers/Maychers, Mayso, Miso, Miso Soup, Miso Hungry, and Mitosis.

    He's also known as Pappy or Butch at daycare.
  8. Bentley

    Bentley New Member

    Jimmy: wee man
    Billie: Madam, UN (because if she sees some kind of confrontation or stress at home or at the park, she always tries to intervine, usually not very sucessfully)
    Ronnie: at the minute its "dear lord, not in the house you little sod!"
  9. Gunny

    Gunny New Member

    My wife has quite a few for all of our pets. Clyde and Chloe are out cats. The only time she uses their real names is when they're in trouble. lol

    Gunny: gunster, gunny james(my middle name), stinky, niblet, and I'm sure a few others
    Clyde: took, tookies, oomp
    Chloe: woo, woo biscuit
  10. Jeri

    Jeri Member

    Camo: Wiggle butt
    Kewe: Keweinie
    Tico: Chunky monkey
    Little Bit: Itty bitty
    Leya: "You little brat!"
    Ugg: Billy wolf ( he usually looks like a cross between a billy goat and a baby white werewolf.
  11. Ursa

    Ursa New Member

    Ursa - Ursaboo, Mom's girl and (most common) White Dog
    Sadie - Sadita
    Piper - Pooh, Piperpoo, Fun Police. We call her Pooh so often that we should have just named her that.
    Bob - Bobert, Bobalu, Little Man and Mouth of the South
  12. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    I amused the heck out of the handling class when they caught me calling Apollo "goober".....
  13. neomama

    neomama New Member

    LOL This is so funny hearing all the nick names, I think I had nick names for all my dogs I ever had and
    used them more than their real names.
    Alliseaa's nick name is PISSHEAD, reason being is when she was little and my daughter would come over
    she would p out of excitement. I catch myself everyonce in awhile starting to call her that in the show ring.
  14. mmyrto

    mmyrto New Member

    Miso soup and mitosis lmao :))
  15. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    Titan's nicknames are baby boy and pain in the a$$. :p
  16. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    Joe - Giuseppe Boxerelli, old man, idiot, Joey, garbage hound, handsome prince.
    Aurora- Raw, RaRaRasputin, pretty pretty princess, crazy b*tch, and the neighbors all call her princess.
  17. natsan6

    natsan6 New Member

    Great thread too funny!
    Jagger~ Jag, baby boy, handsome, my husband calls him Jagito (I swear he tries to make everything sound Italian...sheesh!) Samuel just calls him "mine" hahaha!
  18. AKBull

    AKBull Super Moderator Staff Member

    Little dog, Big dog, June, God damnit, A-hole, Testiculeese (Greek god of balls)
  19. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Active Member

    Of all of the things I do with Ruger this has to be the most assinine of them all (I have no idea where some of these came from but I use them all regularly):

    Ruger - Buger
    Rugery Bugery
    Bugery boy
    Rug - Bug
    Boyzer Man
    Manzer Boy
    My Rugery Bugery Boyzer man (How embarressing now that I am actualy "saying" these to humans! :)
  20. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    Cyrus - cyrus the virus, bone head, old man and a couple more I won't post lol ;)
    Apollo - poopoo
    Athena - bobber, thea
    Hemi - doo-doo, mama bear, mama's girl, madea (when she is in b*tch mode)
    Danae - Ny-Ny, baby bear, daddy's sookie
    Rowan - Ro-Ro, mama's boy
    Sequoia - Dumb ass, brat, 'quoia, and when she is stupid enough to taunt Hemi, dead b*tch
    Illy - Lily, pretty girl

    Cats - Rainie Rain (name is raine), Hi-Jynx goes by Jynx or fat cat.

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