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    Hi there :)

    Little intro, we got Nova, our beautiful Cane Corso, on the night before the lockdown (UK). We did extensive research on the breed and decided this was the one for us, we live in the city, and wanted protection, as well as a loyal family member we could shower with love and affection.

    We *thought* we got her a few days before 8 weeks (the breeder said she was only 3 days off 8 weeks old) later we found out that wasn’t true :(.

    Anyway, she is now 9.5 weeks and thankfully adjusted quickly and is doing amazing. My friend is a dog trainer, and with all this spare time and help (virtually of course), we’ve been able to give her so much attention and training, we’ve already watched her learn so much.

    She’s a clever girl, very head strong, but does love to please. She already knows ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Go’, ‘Stay’ sometimes ‘leave it’ and learning ‘off’ (furniture when she isn’t invited) and knows ‘high five’. She sleeps nearly for 8hrs without accidents. Bit whiney in the morning when she thinks everyone should get up and let her out of her crate.

    She’s been outside a bit (being carried) to socialise as much as we can during this time, and has adapted well so far, is interested in people and wants to say hi, even though she can’t :(. And has had 2 mild and positive interactions with other dogs. (Yes we’ve been super careful, took ourselves straight home, bathed the dog, ourselves and threw our clothes in the wash immediately).

    She has been an amazing companion during this trying time, and she already shows us soo much affection.

    We are expecting a child in August, and the only thing we are concerned about is her nipping. How do we ‘Nip’ this in the bud quickly?

    We only use positive reinforcement through rewarding good behaviour and swapping to toys etc. It just seems to be going nowhere, it’s hard to be patient when she’s learned everything else so quickly.

    She’s bit my partner on the nose when he’s carried her, and drew blood, and frequently tries to have a nip in my face’s direction. I totally get she’s a puppy and she’s not nearly as chewy and bitey as most puppies are but we want to address and phase out the nipping of the hands and face, as soon as possible.

    Any pointers would be appreciated. (Sorry if this is not the space to ask questions)

    I have questions about starting her Raw diet too, but I’ll post that in the Nutrition forums part :).

    Thank you so much for reading our post, I’ve already learned a lot from this forum and look forward to reading any pointers and guidance from you guys.

    Pic 1. Nova being a poser
    Pic 2. Just before Daddy got his nose shredded. pic 3. Today, and her very first chicken foot.

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  2. glen

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    Welcome to the forum,nova is super cute, I'm from the UK also.
    Sounds like your doing really well with her training.
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    Welcome to you and Nova! How old was she when you brought her home?
  4. Zeela

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    Welcome Nova! She is beautiful. My CC was very easy to train. However, you have to be extremely consistent and have a routine in place.
    Have fun!
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    Hi :)

    Thank you for all your warm welcomes.

    She was officially 7w and 2days when we got her. Only found out when we looked at her vaccination paper, I didn’t even think.

    But to be honest I really don’t think it was done on purpose. Her D.O.B may have been wrong by a few days as we got her Tuesday and she was supposed to be ready Friday originally. (As that was the day of her 8week vaccinations)

    Just worried it will affected her biting . But she settled in super quickly and has taken to us very well, she seems super happy.
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  6. It sounds like your puppy is getting off to a very good start! You're doing a lot of good things. For the nipping, I'm no expert, but I notice that the solutions are dependent on the individual dog. For my American Bulldog, redirection to chew toys and playing tug-of-war worked great, but for my Bullmastiff not so much because then he tends to want to nip even more after the game is done. For him it's more about corrections and ignoring him if you can then praising him when he's calm. Raw diets are a great idea. I'm all for it if you either have the time to prepare them or the money to feed a prepared diet. Unfortunately, I don't have either, but I agree it's the best way to go.
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  7. kingmark

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    Welcome to the forum nova :) and her humans. She is little cutie.

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