Patience is hard

Discussion in 'Photography & Artwork' started by Smokeycat, May 27, 2018.

  1. Smokeycat

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    The cat got there first and was taking too long for someone.

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  2. Smokeycat

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    Another example of how hard waiting can be and how dogs will learn from each other, especially when it's something they are not allowed to do. Jiggers will sometimes cross over the arms of the sofas instead of getting down to change beds. He does know that getting caught doing it gets him in trouble and kicked off the sofa but he still tries it. Kryten decided to try it, missed his footing and got himself stuck. After laughing and photographing him he was freed from his predicament, which is much easier to write than lifting him free was.

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  3. Zeela

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    Ha ha, that's funny. Jiggers is awsome. Patience is hard for sure! I must of been nuts to get a puppy 8 mos. ago at my age, I forget how much work they are & my patience are not like they use to be. lol...
    I love Zeela, she is great, just sometimes she knows when I say "ENOUGH", she knows my patience are wearing low.
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  4. Smokeycat

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    He's something alright. That said my next dog will be a pure Irish Setter. I must be a glutton for punishment.
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  5. April Nicole

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    Lol. That's too funny. I bet Jiggers laughs at Kryten, like try to keep up big boy! Mastiffs definitely lack agility. It's so funny that they think they can do these things. :)
    But where they lack agility they make up for it with strength and personality
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  6. DennasMom

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    Love the 'stuck between couches' pictures! Priceless!!! :)

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