Picture of my Dwarf Reticulated Python! (Any reptile or exotic animal enthusiasts?)

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    Here's a picture of my female dwarf Sunfire Reticulated Python that I bought at the Tinley, IL Reptile Expo in Chicago! Growing up I had the privilege of experiencing and keeping care for a wide range of animals through the help of my parents. Throughout my childhood I had various amphibians, fish, dogs, reptiles, and a few short periods of small rodents. Primarily though I was interested and fascinated with Reptiles(besides always having one or two dogs at all times of various breeds). During that time I had experience and care of Reptiles such as red tail boas, corn snakes, burmese pythons, reticulated pythons, bearded dragon, and monitors. Besides having or experiencing these animals I was extremely enthusiastic about learning all about Reptiles. Some favorite childhood memories always include regularly going to the bookstore and reading whatever book that was new to me, of the slim pickings of what they had of reptiles at that time. Also was a pretty avid reader of various reptile forums and sites, Kingsnake.com, bobclark, NERD, ect.. My plan early on was to go to college, but as always things usually changed and I ended up enlisting in the military right out of high school, selling or donating what little collection I had at the time of Reptiles. Now that I'm out of the military, I have the time and commitment to start experiencing these animals again!(as well as what led to me finally getting my own dog and a presa at that). Back then morphs like albino retics were the newest and greatest, being thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Sunfire's, platinums, ivories were just coming out then and unattainable to the average keeper. Going to Tinley this past October was my first experience of getting back into the loop of the reptile community, and I was amazed at what has evolved of the different morphs and how these unattainable one's at the time of my childhood for any keeper were thousands of dollars less, a good majority being under $500. My intention when I went there wasn't to buy anything, but after seeing what's available now for the average keeper I picked one up! Was definitely interested in a dwarf retic this time around so my options and budget were between a lav albino, sunfire or platinum. Ended up going with a supposed dwarf female sunfire,(we'll see if it pans out that way) and couldn't be happier! Pictures do it no justice, her whole body shimmers with iridescence and her colors are amazing to me. Dog tame and a great feeding response right away to F/T. Here's a picture of the snake and my girlfriend at the Tinley parking lot minutes after I bought it! It's kind of a bad picture to get an overall sense of even seeing the color, size, and even entire body of her, but figured I'd make a post talking about my past experience, what I have now, and see if anybody else has this interest! Obviously one is never enough and I plan to expand my collection, probably another retic or maybe a monitor?! More recent plans include getting into fish again though and setting up a cichlid or oscar aquarium. Hope to see some responses and feel free to post your own pictures, I'll update more in the future! (reptiles, amphibians, exotic mammals besides dogs)[​IMG]
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    Re: Picture of my Dwarf Reticulated Python! (Any reptile or exotic animal enthusiast

    I've had snakes in the past. Suriname Red Tail boa and Guyana red tail boa(if I'm remembering correctly). About 18 yrs ago. Poseidon and Eos were their names. Only had them a few years before giving them to a collector. They were certainly beautiful as is yours:) are you near Tinley Park? I've seen quite a few concerts there.

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