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  1. FosterMom

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    Hi all - I'm just throwing this out there. We've jumped back into fostering since we lost Cane in May and the first list of availables we received from the rescue group (printed about 12 pt font for the bifocal brigade that we are, and single column) was 18 pgs long. This is a giant breed rescue-mastiffs, great dane, newfoundland, st. bernard, etc. This particular list was primarily great pyranees, great danes, mastiffs and various giant breed mixes. They usually have about 80-90 dogs in fosters at any given time. I know its nice to have the puppies and their history and know the breeders, etc. but please give the rescues some consideration if you can. Many thanks!
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  2. Iulicris88

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    Yes, I know what you mean. In my country the shelters are full, and so are the streets. It really breaks my heart! I wish the authorities did a better job to discourage abandonment. I currently have 4 dogs, of which I only bought one, my cc, the rest are rescues. Unfortunately, this is just a drop in the ocean, for every dog you rescue, probably ten more get abandoned.
  3. teodora

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    I went for adoption before I got Jack. I've written the story before. The shelter had such a patronizing attitude and so many lies along the way that I gave up. First they places a photo of a cute puppy all over saying please he needs to be adopted NOW. Fine - i called immediately and they said oh wait, that one has been adopted already. Then why did you upload HIS photo 5 minutes ago?!
    I asked about other puppies and I was told yeah sure, then it wasn't so sure as they were not really puppies, then they recommended an 8 year old dog! I said fine, I don't mind an older dog, can I see it? Nope, I could not see it at all before someone inslecting my property, my mortgage documents (???) my bank accounts and my worthiness in life and fill the adoption papers! So sorry, but I don't blindly get a family member. The attitude was rude and imposing that "a dog is a dog, any dog would do, we have dogs available", you have to prove you deserve the favor of having our rescues! Well, it's not exactly like this... A little bit of friendliness would help the poor pups waiting and waiting for their home. And normal person would feel offended to be treated like this.
    I have my own puppies and I look for good families but I wouldn't just treat someone like this BEFORE I even know he or she can be a good owner or not. I can recommend - i can't CHOOSE and ask the owner to accept it blindly, as it won't be me spending the next 10 years with the pup.
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    My EM and my BM are both rescues. Katie was 6yrs and Zeus was 5 yrs. Best choice I made.

    I agree with some "rescue" organizations are way over the top when it comes to adoption approval. They moan about having so many dogs but dont seem willing to let them go
  5. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    My neo is the first adult dog I've rescued. He was completely untrained and unsocialized, and it was a huge challenge getting him to where he is now (with the help of an excellent training team!). However, it was well worth the time, money, and effort, and I would undoubtedly do it all over again. I don't see myself ever buying a dog from a breeder when there are perfectly good dogs needing homes.

    I know people are reluctant to adopt rescue or shelter dogs--especially large ones--given their uncertain histories, because there is much more potential for danger or health problems. Also, many giant breeds require special owners, and understandably, rescues often have very specific families in mind. Many people are deterred from rescuing because of the stringent rules and would just rather purchase the breed they want instead. I will say though, that getting a dog from a shelter is much easier. I just wish people would be more educated and responsible when committing to any kind of dog.
  6. Harrygto

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    this is my boy that I tryd to post pic's when I got him he was rescued by Mastiff rescue Oregon I got him in on Jan 7 he is now 33 # heaver at 123 now

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  7. cdj1

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    We have rescued 2. They were both 5ish when we rescued. Rhino has been with us for 3 years and is the best.[​IMG]

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  8. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Harry, it's so good that we can finally see your boy! He looks great.

    cdj1 - that's a great picture. I'd love to see more pictures of Rhino.
  9. FosterMom

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    3 wks into the first foster since we started back and we're foster failures again. This is Spartan. Supposedly a corso mix. Am thinking of having a dna test run. Btw-glad to see so many of you have adopted rescues too.

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  10. 7121548

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    Congratulations on failing, haha. Glad to hear Spartan is now a permanent part of your family! We did a DNA test on my parents' rescue dog and were pleased and fascinated with the results.
  11. BeeJay

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    We tried to adopt a TM but we got rejected because of lame excuses. My wife and I are done with rescuing here in NY as the requirements are almost as hard as adopting a child. They denied us after we have already formed a bond with the dog and we let them know everything about our house and yard and my experience with the breed. Their reason was our street was too busy.
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  12. teodora

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    This is a really pathetic reason.

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  13. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member

    Not to mention the other applications that we sent that got denied because we have jobs...
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  14. dpenning

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    I started a thread on rescuing after having similar experiences...but keep trying. It just takes finding the right rescue! I can understand if the dog had a history of separation anxiety they would want a family with someone home but otherwise they are being ridiculous. I've been denied for having a doggie door leading out to a fenced yard with an 8 foot privacy fence with locked gates. I've been denied since we moved for only having farm fencing. Finally I found the right rescue.

    I kept trying and today is my gotcha day for a 7 year old female dogue. I'm so excited, i've always wanted to rescue seniors. If you have the heart, keep trying!
  15. BeeJay

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    I agree that there are good rescues out there but I'm done dealing with my wife go on a depressed state after we form a bond with a certain dog. That dog that we tried to adopt was a TM and by the time it becomes two years old in February, and if they don't do something about his behavior, he would be there till the day he dies. We were more than qualified to take the dog in as I have experience with ancient dog breeds.
    It also hurts me as I'm a dog trainer that can't even get approved to adopt a dog that I'm more than able to handle.
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  16. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. It can be so discouraging and heartbreaking sometimes, but please don't be deterred from rescuing. The right rescue will eventually come along, and adopting a dog that needs a home is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Sometimes rescues outside of your local area will arrange for dogs to be transported too.
  17. cdj1

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    We got Rhino from southern states mastiff rescue. He was @ 5 when we got him 3 yrs ago. The family fostering him met us halfway between Atlanta, GA and Wilmington, NC. [​IMG][​IMG]

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