Proud of my son!!

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    Thanks Marke. We teach our kids that nothing in life is free. And I think having a big family, where a lot of sharing and 'not always getting your way' takes place, has made them appreciate the things they get. I agree that sadly most of our youth are very self entitled...

    He has signed up for night classes at a votech school. He wants to get his CDL so he can work with heavy equipment. He's very motivated, and he knows that if he doesn't pay his bills no one is going pay them for him . I've helped him with a budget and taught him to cook so he can save a lot on food. He has learned a lot in the year that he has been living on his own. He has had moments where he overspent and struggled through the rest of the month after paying bills. Not once has he asked me for money. He actually didn't tell me about the month he struggled until after he was doing better. He said he learned from it, and will be more careful w his money. I'm a frugal person and can make money stretch. I' ve taught my kids the same. He got his couch and other furniture from second hand thrift stores. Nice stuff! Can't beat $40 for a couch...

    We are very proud, and I know that he will be successful :)
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    I agree it is good advice!
    He is leaning toward welding. My husband has a lot of pull with a lot of different companies, he's been a pipe fitter for a very long time, and is currently a supervisor. My son doesn't want to ride on his dads coat tails. He wants to do it on his own, and make a name for himself in the industry. I respect that. Most people are looking for a handout. So for now, he's going his own route, but if he ever decides to be a pipefitter, hubby will be there to teach him.
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    my dogs are always successful , my kids are successful , i think there might be something to that ......... you have a breed of dog that can be difficult , i bet you do great with him too ........
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    I think your right about NILF!

    And yes he can be very difficult. He is very different than any dog I have owned, I have to put a lot of work into him, but he is so worth it!! It amazes me how brilliant he is. And even though he's a bit stubborn, and hard headed, he's learning quickly. I can tell he will be a great dog for our family. And he has a big job. 5 girl's to protect :)
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