Resident of the Bronx sues Rachel Ray's Company Nutrish for dangerous chemical in food

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    A resident of the Bronx wants to sue the company Nutrish $5 million, for the dangerous chemical in the food for dogs

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    The popular company Nutrish, which specializiruetsya on the production of natural dog food and owned by famous TV presenter Rachel ray, filed in the court. The charges are quite serious and, according to plaintiff, the “pull” for $5 million. A resident of the Bronx I am sure the woman deliberately deceiving people, resorting to aggressive marketing and assuring its customers that its products are made of natural ingredients. The man intends to prove otherwise and already has in hand a report from independent laboratory.

    Market, Park said that, like many other Americans, believed the claims that feed firms Nutrish will allow his pet to grow healthy and full of energy. Over time, however, the man was visited by doubts, and he decided to analyze the composition of these products. This Park has sent food, which is so actively promoted by Rachel ray, in an independent laboratory. When he got hands on the report, you were shocked by its contents.

    It turned out that the composition of the products found glyphosate, a chemical that is called “killer weed“. It is a powerful herbicide capable of inflicting considerable damage to the health of the animal. Of course, the question of “naturalness” of this chemical can not be.

    The lawsuit States that Rachel ray has repeatedly claimed that the products her company are “natural food for dogs, which does not include artificial flavors and preservatives“. According to Park, it not only introduces misled customers Nutrish, but is actually deliberate deception.

    The company representatives refused to give comments concerning the trial. If the fault of the manufacturer will be proven, it could trigger a wave of similar lawsuits, because customers Nutrish are thousands of Americans.
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    Wow when will companies learn our dog are family!
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    Wow I hope they lose big time. Enough of these losses and they will stop these practices.
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    Hey Nikki, did you hear anything else about this Rachel Ray dogfood ?? Sometimes I buy it .....what say you??
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    No I haven't heard anything further.

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