GA: Spalding County: limits pets based on lot size

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    Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 4:54 pm

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    If you live on 2 acres or less in unincorporated Spalding County, you can only have four outdoor dogs and cats, total.

    The Spalding County Board of Commissioners approved the second and final readings on the two animal control ordinance changes Monday night. One of those established four as the maximum number of dogs and cats allowed without a kennel license on properties 2 acres or less.

    There is no limit on dogs or cats outside for properties of more than 2 acres. And there is no limit on the number of dogs or cats allowed inside if on 2 acres or less.

    This change was made in an attempt to address illegal kennel operations in the county and follows complaints made by residents on Woodland Road about the dogs, the noise and the smell from where one neighbor has been operating a kennel.

    He reportedly has been cited under existing codes with some of those working through the courts. The owner has claimed all the dogs were personal pets despite reportedly advertising the sale of the dogs, dog food and services online, all without a county business license.

    The Animal Care and Control Advisory Board is working on language for a noncommercial kennel license so those with more than four outdoor animals, be it for pack hunting, family pets, temporary foster homes for a rescue, and all who are not operating a commercial kennel or otherwise not disturbing their neighbors can keep their pets and be in compliance with the new limit. There is also time — six months — allowed for new litters.

    Enforcement, like for other parts of the animal control ordinance, will be complaint-driven.

    The commissioners also approved a change requiring the spay or neuter of any animals adopted from the county animal shelter. This would not apply to reclaims — people who come in to get their animal that had been picked up. This change was done to address overpopulation and hopefully decrease the number of animals that end up in the shelter, have to be cared for and if not adopted, put down.

    The mandatory spay or neutering would also not apply to animals adopted by rescue organizations. This change sets the fees for the spay and neutering and requires the animals be fixed before they leave the shelter.

    The fees beyond the $35 adoption fee are based on the procedure and size of the animal. The fees paid to Budget Vet Mobile Clinic include rabies vaccination. They are $75 for adult dog spay, $50 for adult dog neuter, $50 for adult cat spay, $25 for adult cat neuter and $30 for spay or neuter of any dog or cat younger than 16 weeks.

    County limits pets based on lot size - Griffin Daily News: News
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    I know there are always two sides to every coin, but I like the sound (or at least the theory) of this. Hopefully this will help reduce BYB's.

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