Sweet Doggie Needs a Christmas Miracle!

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Bailey's Mom, Dec 15, 2019.

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    Hope this plays, this part-Mastiff named Nibs needs a good old-fashioned Christmas Miracle. He's too far away from me, but, maybe one of you could play Santa and reward this lovely boy who just so wants to please his human. Look at those eyes.

    The poor boy was previously adopted after many months of waiting, but, for reasons not related to his behaviour, was returned which is heartbreaking for the dog and staff at the rescue.

    My daughter has been sending re-homing ads lately for Mastiffs, but because they come with substantial fees, I will not post them here. Additionally, there has been an outbreak of Christmas dog scams in Canada, so, private ads are difficult to validate as honest.

    I chose to post in General Forum to guarantee the largest audience. This little fellow has captured my heart. Hopefully one of you can give this pup a paw up in life. Nibs deserves his Christmas Miracle.

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    Have another look, folks, and, if you post in other Forums, Please! Please!, Send Nibs' Info on so that the Little Man has a chance at a new adoption. He's such a cutey! If I had the means...I'd fly there and get him and bring him home, to a warm home, a full bowl, and a loving sister dog to play with. Little Man needs a Mommy.

    Please have a look and repost...he's an adorable dog.


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