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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by voidecho, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Al and Julie

    Al and Julie New Member

    so sorry to hear that.

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  2. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    So sorry...what a disappointment. :(
  3. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    Too many choices:

    She has another breeding coming up. Super's sister and a boy named Cowboy, who I can't find pics of. Should happen soon.
    She also says she's going to try Super and Judah again next time Super is in heat. Not sure how long that usually is after an event like this.

    I also asked if she was going to stud Judah out to anyone else this year and it sounds like she's planning to a few times. I may look at those breedings.

    Or, I could look at other breeders.

  4. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    Didn't you send her a deposit?
  5. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

  6. lovebubbly713

    lovebubbly713 New Member

    So sorry to hear no puppies. Good luck whatever you decide to do and keep us posted.
  7. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    So, Laura and I are talking tonight to figure out what to do now. So many things to think about. As I mentioned above, she's breeding one of her girls (Super's sister) to a boy named Cowboy from R3 Mastiffs (related to Rainy Day Mastiffs). Here's Cowboy:

    He's a really good looking boy. This is a repeat breeding from a few months ago. They unfortunately only had one pup, a boy in the last breeding, but he's really cute. I could get on the list for this breeding.

    My problem is that I just love the look of Judah. I like that really big boned, wrinkly faced, old english mastiff look. Cowboy looks great, but he's definitely more of that lean athletic look.

    So if I want to stick it out for Judah, she's planning to try Super and Judah one more time when she comes back into heat. I could hold out and keep my place (or potential move up in place if others leave) for the next time they breed, hoping once again that it's successful and there are enough boys.

    Anyone know how long it takes for a female to come back into heat after a lost pregnancy?

    Other option is that it sounds like she's going to stud Judah out a few times this year. I could look into those breedings. I have no infomation on them yet, so I can't do any research on the females, the breeders, the timing, or the cost.

    Or, lastly I could ask for my deposit back and try to find someone who either has pups on the ground, or pups coming very soon.

    We were really hoping to have a pup this summer. Definitely want to try to avoid bringing one home once the rainy season starts in the late fall. Potty training in the rain would suck.
  8. powergc

    powergc Member

    Sorry to hear about the pups, voidecho! You must be so disappointed. Hope the momma is ok!

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. AKBull

    AKBull Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bummer, Void... Hope something else works out.
  10. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    I am not a breeder but I believe about 6 months for another heat.

    PM BSCC, or Walnut
  11. NeSaxena

    NeSaxena New Member

    Bummer! Let's hope you get what you're looking for!
  12. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    6 months is average, but some bitches vary
  13. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    Thanks Ruth.
  14. Th0r

    Th0r Member

    Don't they cycle quicker when their whole litter dies?
    Or is that only in cats?

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  15. thelady_v2010

    thelady_v2010 New Member

    OMG, I am so sorry, not what I expected to read. If you like this male you should stick with it for a while and see what happens.
  16. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    The breeder says she expected Super to back in heat in about 3.5 months.

    Super's sister had one pup in December and she already expects her to be back in heat next month.

    I'm not sure if she's certain about these estimates, or if she's telling me a quicker timeframe to keep me more interested. I'm no expert on these things.
  17. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    Also, thanks everyone for the kind words.
  18. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Some dogs cycle faster, so its entirely possible that she's fairly certain they will.
  19. joshuagough

    joshuagough Active Member

    Sorry to hear that, got to be heart breaking for you both.

    Your all the way across the map or I'd tell you to look at a litter up coming here in the south.

    Good luck!
  20. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    Yeah, definitely want to stick within driving distance, but thanks Josh.

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