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Discussion in 'Mastiff Rescue & Adoption' started by CeeCee, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. CeeCee

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am working with a young mastiff (3 years old, female) and she needs a home or a foster who is able to make her successful. She is located in Rochester NY. She is currently being sheltered at a local dog daycare and boarding facility. The business owners have incredibly big hearts and they have made great progress with her, but now she needs more time than running their business will allow them.

    Success for Thelma would be a human (or humans) who can open her world and give her the time and experience she needs to explore, build trust, and gain her confidence. (So children and busy households would probably not be a good fit for her.) However, Thelma LOVES other dogs and takes great comfort in their presence! So a confident, happy go lucky dog would be the perfect role model for her! (I don't know how she is with cats and other small animals.)

    She needs an experience large dog owner/foster - someone who has experienced with their size and their bark. Humans who can respect it, but not be afraid of it or, worse, see "aggression" when she is really telling you she is concerned and she needs everything to slow down while she processes.

    I am still learning more about her, but what I have experienced is that while she will bark when she is concerned, she does not advance toward you, instead she retreats. They told me that if they try to take her outside, she pancakes. I've not found this to be the case. We went for a 20 minute walk with no pancake - unless we stopped, but getting her moving again just required me to move my feet. She is not at the point where she is willing to sniff or take treats when she is outside. She is very head shy with most people and will duck and/or pancake with sudden movements - especially over her head.

    She was taken to the vet and did not require a muzzle when the doc examined her and gave her her shots.

    The most important thing Thelma needs is a human or humans who will give her the opportunity to learn and grow and really blossom into her true self.

    If you are interested in learning more about Thelma, post here or PM me.

    Thelma Playing:

    Thelma with her known handler:

    Thelma's first walk with me:

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this.

    Sincerely, CeeCee
  2. DennasMom

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    What a beautiful girl!
    She looks very, very cautious. But so glad she trusts her handler enough to follow her out into the Big Wide World. I can see her blossoming in the right environment.
    I hope someone can take her home and give her the love & security she needs!
  3. CeeCee

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    I do too Tina! She is an absolutely wonderful girl. Everything outside of four walls is new to her. My goal is to get her to a comfort level where she will sniff the outside and eventually lay down outside in a relaxed state.

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