This happens in the US every 45 minutes since 08

Discussion in 'Dogs in the News' started by Steven C, Apr 2, 2018.

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    It's far too common. My youngest works in an emergency clinic. She's been there two years and they have quite a few dogs come in with gunshot wounds. The dogs didn't do anything except exist.
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    I don't recall there being a case where a dog in a crate was intentionally shot by police. I searched but didn't come up with anything. Do you have other information?
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    I get them with Google alerts but do not save them. They shoot them in crates, they shoot them in closed closets, backyards are most common they even shoot the trained ones where people train them to lay next to the master. Another current case in Chicago also wrong house the lady had a dog in the crate in the basement, one in the bathroom upstairs when she saw PD outside and the other in a closet. The PD tracked all dogs down and killed each one, specifically went downstairs and killed the one in the crate. Another one was in a crate next to the front door, they put 5 bullets in that one, another "wrong house" raid. In Buffalo NY 2 dogs shot every 6 hours alone.

    The crate kills are actually common because the first thing since the 08 was training to kill any animal upon entry. It looks as though the police state has the ability to scrub the news articles. You watch and read what they want you to read. There was a guy who wrote daily about the up and coming police state and his blog was called The Agitator, they bought him out.

    Almost like a British WW2 replay when they murdered 700k dogs in 2 weeks citing useless eaters, forcing folks to put their dogs outside before 6pm.
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    I'm not far from Chicago. I'll have to look that case up. We haven't had that problem here. Just the dogs loose in the house and on the property. Which is in no way acceptable.
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    Wow. They would have to shoot me too because I would lose my mind and try to kill them. There is zero chance I would take that and remain in any way calm, reasonable or compliant.
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