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    Marmalade is having a very tough time finding a home, she was placed once and it just wasn't a good fit with the male Lab in the home. We had another applicant that was excited to adopt her and the plan was to come for her this weekend but they had an unexpected job change that cancelled that.

    We have had a few apps for Marmalade but some have cats and we will not place her in a home with a cat. We have had some other apps with no fence in the yard and that causes concern for us.

    So here we are with Marmalade ready to go, completely vetted with not an ideal home to go to. Marmalade is 3 years old and has come from a terrible past, she is a very friendly fun loving girl who minds very well. She gets along with most dogs but she will not be bossed around by a dominant dog that tries to control her. She never starts trouble but she will defend herself if someone starts it. We have never had an issue with her except for this type of behavior. She has been around Mabel and did well with her as a baby but we have not had her around other children, I would be surprised if she was anything other than great.

    Marmalade has been waiting for her home now for nearly 7 months and she is getting weary at the Ranch because the Ranch can be a very tiring place for weeks on end.

    I need the village to share Marmalade to see if we can finally get her to a home she can call her own.

    Applications can be submitted online at

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    [​IMG] Miss Marmalade

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