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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by marke, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    how come firefox and chrome won't go to this site and say it is unsafe ? i've tried it on 3 different computers ....... both say it's deceptive and has been reported ?
  2. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    I get the same on chrome.
  3. Harrygto

    Harrygto Well-Known Member

    I am to on chrome
  4. QY10

    QY10 Well-Known Member

    I keep getting a warning saying this might be a "phishing site" on Safari.
  5. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    I got the sme warning on Firefox. Finally, I got on....all seemed well- and then I got the warning again.

    I just told them that it was not a deceptive site, so have access.

    Hopefully, it's true...
  6. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I get this message on chrome and it wont load the site even when I say take me to site anyways. Instead I get a message that says there is no content on the site.

    Currently only able to access it via Tapa Talk.

    Do the admins know yet?

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  7. TWW

    TWW Well-Known Member

    I get none of this using IE Edge or Chrome.

    I'd report it in feedback forum, most likely it has to do with the weird redirects from older posts that do the porn redirect.

    Windows released a huge security update today dealing with some of this since somehow not even searches and old topics can be somehow cloned to redirect to a different site though your address search looks correct.

    Sorry just noticed this is in feedback hopefully admin will respond.
  8. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    if it helps troubleshoot I am on an apple and using chrome

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  9. teodora

    teodora Well-Known Member

    safe.jpg - that's what I get.
    I can access "this deceptive site" with no problems, though. :))))
  10. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    thanks , i can get on with internet explorer , but the site runs very slowly and crashes fairly regularly ......
  11. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    I'm on safari and it just started after lunch. I can click past it but every page it comes up again. It did have a link to report an error so I clicked that for whatever good it does. Doubt I'll have the patience to click for every page change while on the forum. Such a shame there have been so many problems here.
  12. FosterMom

    FosterMom Well-Known Member

    When I try to go to this forum, Firefox sends warnings as does my antivirus software. The site is tripping some anti-phishing blocker in both software.
    I have sent a copy of the log from my antivirus to the company to confirm the error or if it is flagging this site by mistake. I'm using ESET NOD 32 antivirus.
    I clicked past the warning just to see if the site came up normally, etc.
    Hope someone can figure something out.
  13. DMikeM

    DMikeM Well-Known Member

    I get the warning as well. I would check the ads and popups and see if any are infected. I don't see them because of my adblock and noscript plugins but I'd bet something is a Phishing ad, or ad with malicious content. I have had other friends tell me the same thing about this page for months now.
  14. TWW

    TWW Well-Known Member


    Most likely some type of Phishing ad, I generally get a short page not responding when I first click a link once on for but that's about it.
  15. Oscar'sMom

    Oscar'sMom Well-Known Member

    Same here...ill be going away until it's fixed. It's more of a pain than anything we've dealt with so far
  16. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I've reported this to the administration. Hopefully they get it fixed

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  17. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Same here, on chrome.
    I click "details" and then "visit site anyway"... and it comes right through... with 3 extra clicks. My mouse finger is getting a workout! :)
  18. Shon

    Shon Administrator

    I've not had time to look at this in depth due to some personal issues with death, but I agree that this may be one idea that is worth looking into. I checked the database prior to my situation and didn't find anything. It is either in the files or external servers being accessed. After reading this, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the ads or other external sources. I'm hoping I'll be able to check into that soon.
  19. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator

    The ads are by adsense/google....
  20. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator

    I can't figure it so, so, unfortunately, if it continues, I'm shutting the site down.

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