Upadated info on grain free diets and DCM

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Boxergirl, Nov 30, 2018.

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    having had dogs with dcm , I was skeptical of the first post on this , and believe the update on what I assume says the "study" is needing further verification ….. my current dogs have eaten no grain their entire lives and do eat a lot of potatoes
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    Marke, you cook them potatoes? Do you add that to the grain free food? I ask because I have just found the ultimate no grain food that not has zero allergic reactions or loose stools, it gives them more energy than I could have imagined. I'm wondering if I need to add Potato as well.
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    I do cook them potatoes , i'm sure there is some nutritional value to them , but I only use them as a filler and calories ……. i'd think your dog food would more than likely be complete ……….
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    Marke, are DDBs genetically prone to DCM like boxers are?
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    I would say it's in the breed , but different than what boxers get ……… ddb are genetically prone to sas which does result in cardiomyopathy of the left ventricle . I believe cardiomyopathy in boxers involves the right ventricle and has a different cause ……..
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    Yes. DCM in boxers involves the right ventricle, but they are also prone to SAS. I was just curious.
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    Nik thanks for posting this link....about 2 weeks ago when I had Bella at the vets...Meghan our regular vet wasn't in that day....I was too worried about Bella's state to wait for Meghan to get back so we seen Mary another vet in the clinic...this was the one that wasn't really comfortable around Bella....as a matter of fact she was scared of Bella.... anyway she asked if she could give her liver snacks and I said yes she can feed her treats as long as there was no grains ...she told me about their finding more dogs having heart issues that a direct cause of the no grain diet... telling me that there's this a component in grains that dogs need to support health heart ....and of course started to sell the foods they have there at the clinic....
    I just said that I would look into it but I believed that raw diet I had my dogs on where the best thing I could offer my girls.....
    Oh I'm going to be printing this off and dropping this reading material off for her.

  10. None of the evidence was scientific and the vets who wrote it were paid by Purina. No credibility for me.
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    It's always prudent to read studies from all sources and know who is funding them and what their agenda may be. I think that it's up to the individual to read the available information and make a personal decision.

    Here's another more scientific article that's interesting.

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    Interesting video, btw.
  13. Thanks for the link. I actually agree with a lot of it. I've been trying to get my dog off legumes because I heard they are associated with leaky gut in dogs. With this recent DCM scare, I notice that more premium dog food companies are coming up with ancient grain recipes that are legume-free and I've been feeding more of those.
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