(Update) Can anyone help me recognize if this is a TM mix puppy (5 months)

Discussion in 'Tibetan Mastiff' started by BoneyKT, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. BoneyKT

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    Hey, since i made a post here when my pup was 2 months old, i though i´ll give you guys an update.Here are the pictures, http://imgur.com/a/uMSVrHe weights 25 kg (55lbs) and measured him at 60cm / 23 inches to shoulder level.
  2. Oscar'sMom

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    It doesn't look like the link is working?
  3. BoneyKT

    BoneyKT New Member

  4. Oscar'sMom

    Oscar'sMom Active Member

    He is adorable! I see GSD but maybe some TM with the hair and tail? I have no idea but what a great looking pup!
  5. TricAP

    TricAP Active Member

    Adorable no matter what mix. Tail might be TM or Golden Retriever, markings and coloring look possibly Rottie or TM. Hard to say. Have you considered a DNA test?
  6. BoneyKT

    BoneyKT New Member

    Yes, i'm aiming to do that once he reaches 1 year old. So it would be a birthday gift to "both" of us. So far some of the traits he has: He likes to push and stand in my way, always goes to higher ground, barks alot when people are near my house, only does something when i have a treat, otherwise he doesn t really care. I m not a good trainer, but if i compare this puppy to other pups, then this one is definitely hard to train. I was really frustrated at first, but now he seems to behave alot better. He gets along with my cat, they even sleep together. But sometimes i can see that he is also protective over her, which is not a very good thing. For example, when my guests want to pet my cat, dog comes and starts to physically come in the way. Either jelaous or protective. And holy moly, guys how do i use paragraphs? This formating is such a mess
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    if you have a smartphone, i think the tapatalk app does formatting for you. also makes photo uploading easier!

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  8. TricAP

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    As far as paragraphs go I use < P > without the spaces.

    A word of advice - if your pup has any mastiff at all you need to be consistent in your training. NO EXCEPTIONS. It will save you a lot of grief over an ill behaved HUGE dog that you cannot control later on. What you describe is a behavior that will escalate and can become dangerous.
  9. BoneyKT

    BoneyKT New Member

    I have a puppy training booked next monthI try to walk him in towns alot (i dont live in town), i also have 3 places that i visit alot, where there are other dogs. He gets along with them, but i can see that he is dominating them. I try to correct him as much as i can.
  10. BoneyKT

    BoneyKT New Member

    Also, i don't believe that the traits i listed are red flags. He just has that personality, to be pushy. He is never aggressive to people/dogs when they greet him. He did have a problem of resource guarding at some point, but now he lets me take higher treats from him, because he knows i will give something better, he trusts me. The only bad thing is, that he doesn't always listen to me, because i haven't been consistent with training and i'm 100% sure this dog isn't going to be a off leash dog when walking with him. Also a problem in my eyes is that he is very clamped to me, since my family ignores him most of the time and gives him no affection, other than feed him/walk when im away. And one day, there will be a time when i leave, that day will be a hearth breaking day to him, sadly nothing i can do about it.
  11. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    I see maybe some TM, maybe some Chow, too?
    Looks like a FUN puppy!! A little mischievous, perhaps?? :)

    For working off-leash, make sure you ALWAYS reward the dog coming to you. That means, praise, pets, treats, and NOT hooking the leash to stop the play... call the dog to you, give a treat, and send them back out to play with an excited voice. That way coming to you means MORE fun to come! Which once ingrained can be a very good reward and habit for the pup... and on those emergencies when you DO need to hook up the leash, try not to make that a punishment... I do a calm "thank you" in those cases and then try to find something to reward the dog for... a 'sit' or 'heel' is often a good one to move on to from there.
  12. Igni06

    Igni06 New Member

    Very nice pup! I believe there is some TM in him alright. Please let us know when you do the DNA test.

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