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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by sjdavenport, Jul 4, 2019.

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    It's been awhile, so I just thought I'd post an update on my guys, and of course some new photos! Well, some will be kind of old - from this past winter. Rhaegar had his TPLO surgery for an injured cruciate in February, and Dany followed suit 4 weeks later, so that's pretty much what we've been up to for the past 4 months - recovery. But they have both recovered well and are off exercise restriction and back to loving farm life. Rhaegar turned 5 in May (how did that happen??!). I was so, so, so worried about adding another dog to the home, but he and Dany are very close. He tolerated so much more from her than he EVER would from any other dog. We've expanded our little goat herd, and after 3 of our moms kidded this spring, we are up the 14. My kitty Juno threw a clot to one of her legs and was diagnosed with end stage heart failure 2 months ago, but she has responded well to treatment, and we're treasuring every single day we have with her.

    IMG_15532.jpg IMG_0159-min.jpg IMG_0166-min.jpg IMG_0200-min.jpg IMG_0293-min.jpg IMG_0331-min.jpg IMG_0449-min.jpg IMG_0662-min.jpg IMG_0688-2-min.jpg IMG_0940-min.jpg
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    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! My husband and I were spellbound by your photography. (Hubby is wondering what camera you have?) You are truly an artist. And the pups look marvelous. Your farm looks like heaven on earth!

    Keep the pics coming...and let me know about your camera.
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    Thank you! The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T5i that my husband got for my birthday a few years ago. I've been meaning to take photography class, but I can't seem to find time. I have to take LOTS of pictures to get a few that turn out well.
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    I really like the pic of that smiling goat....amazing !!!
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    Wow! LOVE those pictures! You have a true eye for photography!

    The goats, the cat, the snow, the gorgeous, shiny dog coats... the action shots. Just Amazing! Thank you for sharing!! I loved every single one!!

    So glad your TPLO's went well!!
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    Amazing pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them! Awesome looking fur babies and a furless on too! lol I bet the kitty doesn't care for the snow like the others do..

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